13 Reasons Why: My Opinion

So, I feel like everyone has watched this now so to write a review is pretty safe without being lynched for spoilers, although I will TRY not to spoil anything for you during this post. If you haven’t watched this before or have no fucking idea what I am talking about then 13 Reasons why is Netflix Original show that follows Clay Jensen through the aftermath of his friend/the girl he loves suicide and the journey to find out why she did what she did. As you can probably tell already it isn’t a light and easy watch but it is enjoyable, things get heavy because she leaves 13 tapes of reasons why she has committed suicide, each one dedicated to someone who influenced her decision and the tapes have been passed through the people who are involved to teach them a lesson I assume? I can’t be too sure on that one.

I personally feel like this show was a wasted 13 hours of my life (each episode is roughly an hour) now before you all track me down to lynch me, please hear me out. Nothing I saw in this show, apart from Jessica’s experience related to any experiences I have had in real life, nothing in the show seemed real, it all seemed pretty glamorised up until the thing with Bryce (if you have watched it, you know what I mean, if you haven’t then wait until you get near the end), after the Bryce thing it is a pretty bumpy ride. I don’t want you to think I am saying that not everyone’s experience is like this but I found that most experiences are a lot more, gritty, hard hitting, the list goes on. I keep feeling the need to tell you that I’m trying my hardest to not put every situation into one group but in my opinion the show seemed to try to keep it as watchable as possible without deviating from the plot, At this point you have probably either clicked off the page if you disagree with me or you have nodded and agreed with me, either or, I understand. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the series because I did but I had such high hopes for the storyline, acting and the little bits that just add to the quality of a program that I felt a little let down.

I am by no means saying that I am not going to watch season two, in fact I have high hopes for Jessica’s story because the way her part way written was phenomenal and very realistic. So season 2, where you at? Please don’t disappoint me.

P.S I tried not to put any spoilers in because some people haven’t watched it yet and if you haven’t, please do, it is still gripping just don’t expect too much.

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