Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream: The Review 


Basically this stuff has achieved cult beauty product status and 100% rightfully. I had to write a full review about this product because I cannot get enough of it, I have used it so much in May that i felt that adding it to my monthly favourites wouldn’t even cut it, I needed something more so here we are. Just to confirm, this review is about the original skin protectant but if I put that in the title it would have made it crazy long. 

First things first, this is a pricey product. Luckily for me, I’m still using up a very large sample that I received in a beauty box  but I will have to pick some more up soon at the rate I’m flying through it because honestly, I may aswell be bathing in it. The product is £27 for 50ml but honestly, the tiniest bit goes so far and with so many uses it is insane value for money so I don’t mind having to cough up for a replacement soon because I know it will last forever. 

The product itself is orange and it has a thick gel like consistency and it has an odd, slightly repulsive smell. For me, smell is important because if it smells horrible I am put off instantly which is probably why it sat at the back of my drawers for so long but honestly, the results are so worth it. 

I use it for way too many things to list because its my go to for anything such as dry skin to cuts but my main uses are on my cuticles (for someone who has dry hands, this is insanely hydrating), my lips as a balm, and any dry spots on my face or body. I find lots of other uses for it but those are the ones I use it for on a daily basis but no product matches up at all.

Basically, go buy it hons, you will not regret it. Plus, if your like me and hate weird smells they now offer it in unscented *happy dance*. Go be beautiful little hydrated creatures that glow from within.


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