Lip Cupping

Lip cupping, lip enhancing, lip sucky things, whatever you want to call them, this post is about the wonders of using suction to make you look like you just spent £200 on lip fillers. As I am writing this I can literally hear your negative thoughts as you think back to when this was a craze and everyone ended up with bruising because I did too when I first ordered it and guess what? I have some lip cupping injuries to tell you about but both occurred when I decided to be daring and leave the bloody thing on too long.

Lip cupping (my favourite thing to call it) is something that exploded on social media and I’m sure most of you saw the wonders of it so you’ll probably already know that I’m obsessed with it. I love playing with it and because of this, I forget I have it on and create injuries, the first time something happened I only bruised myself, it was sore or really that noticeable but nevertheless, it was there and I couldn’t blame anyone but myself because I had left is on for, what must have been more than five minutes (I also looked like a troll so, 5 minutes is a no go hons). The second time is a gross one, I managed to give myself a blister, I was adjusting the positioning of the cup and reapplying several times, next thing I know there was big blister on the inner part of my lip and I FREAKED out, I was so scared it was going to pop in my mouth that I had to pop it myself and I never do that because its gross and makes me gag. So there’s an image for you, me looking in the mirror poised with a pin, a tissue underneath my lip and a spotlight on the area looking like I was about to perform fucking surgery trying not to gag at what I was about to do, dribbling everywhere and just generally being a state. Moral of the story, don’t leave it on for more than 30 seconds.

So the gross bits out of the way (I thought we would address that first because everyone has seen a horror story about lip cupping) I love it. I full on, am obsessed. I use it every day. I want lip fillers but hate needles, and my bank balance says a big fat no so this was my alternative and I am mega thrilled. I bought mine for a couple of pound on Amazon and haven’t looked back. With lip enhancing cups you can get different shapes and sizes to suit your mouth and they can vary widely in price depending on how much you want to spend so there is literally something for everyone.

As I have said previously, I use this pretty much every day. To use the product I apply a lip balm (usually Elizabeth Ardens 8 Hour Cream because I am obsessed) all over and a little over my lip line too, the out the cup in position and suck until it lightly pulls at my lips and leave it there for 10-15 seconds, I let is go and repeat until they are as big as I want them and voila, fish lips are done.

I couldn’t go back to a life without this lil genius so I had to tell you about it because its probably the cheapest item in my make up kit, happy cupping hons.

p.s a review is coming next week on the 8 Hour Cream and you neeeeeeeeed it in your life.

p.p.s sorry for the shameless self promoting there, or shameless promoting of the 8 Hour cream, I just love it.

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