Summer Goals 2017

So basically I had planned to write about last year yesterday and found that I really did not want to, I didn’t want to talk about the shitty year I had or anything like that so guess what ? I bloody well didn’t. Instead I thought I would keep positive and discuss my five goals for summer, partially to give you guys some inspiration if you need it but mainly because if I tell you all then I have to do it or i’ll feel silly.

Goal one is to keep paying attention to Instagram. I have really worked my arse off in the past couple of weeks and tried more with my content which has worked wonders so I neeeeeed to keep this up because it is so much fun! I am really enjoying it but I am very conscious of how sloth-like I am.

My next goal is to focus on a blog schedule. I have decided that Tuesdays and Fridays will be the set days to post with some sponsored content sprinkled in there as and when but again like Instagram, I love writing but a full time job means that sticking to a schedule is so hard especially considering the slothyness (is that a word ?).

To pay off my debt because yes, I am a basic human being who gets in debt. It happens guys but it’s something I’m paying off so that’s my main priority.

Finally I need to have fun, this is the summer I turn 21 and I am determined to make it amazing because well, I’m young & it’s pretty much the rules. Although I plan on working every hour possible (to pay off aforementioned debt) I refuse to pass up on any opportunity to do something so I guess I’ll just sleep in Winter really.

Summer is not my favourite season although you can’t beat a bit of sunshine but I am determined to make the most of it before I go house hunting next year so fingers crossed I manage to keep to this and become fucking superwoman.

To follow my escapades (in reality I eat too much and drink too much wine but whatever) then take a look at my Instagram @courtvlott & my twitter @courtdoescosmet. 

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