April Favourites 2017

It has been an absolute age since I wrote AND posted one of these as I keep writing them up but getting bored of the products I’m putting in because they just don’t blow me away so I kept giving up but there are some products this month that I am in love with so I just have to share.

MAC Whirl Lip Liner – Ok, ok, I hear your screams that you have heard this a million times before and I apologise but I recently bought one of those lip suction plumper things (I know, also late on that bandwagon but I bloody love it) and I found that when I used bolder colours I looked my lips were going to jump right off my face, grow some fucking legs and walk right off my face into the sunset to make a new life for themselves so I really had to tone it down and this is PERFECT! This is the most beautiful nude for lining your lips (I tend to put a light pink shade in the middle) which looks understated but like you made an effort. It was £13.00 and is well worth the money. I find the formula creamy but not too creamy so that it cakes on when you use it like budget brands tend to do. So basically GO BUY IT. Game changer.

Astral Cream – Now this one is absolutely not a recommendation, by all means try it if you want to but if you break out then don’t hold me responsible because this such a thick cream. I saw an article months ago on how women used this for years and looked amazing but never got round to trying it so when my skin when crazy dry on my face recently (and by crazy dry, I mean it was a scaly mess) I thought about what I needed and I happened to have a pot of this in the cupboard. To be honest, god knows how many years it’s been sitting there BUT it works for what I need right now and I can’t get enough of it. You can pick up a huge pot for around £7-£8 and believe me; it lasts forever but just remember it is thick as hell and really heavy.

Caudalie Lip Conditioner – THIS IS THE SHIT. I love lip balm but I am the pickiest person ever. I don’t want it to be oily, I don’t want it to dry out too quickly, I don’t want it to look shiny when I wear it and I do not want an overpowering scent right below my nose. This ticks all of the boxes and for a price that doesn’t break the bank, I can accept that it’s not pennies but I can part with £6 every once in a while to having sort lips that don’t crack and look disgusting. I wish I had found this little buddy before winter.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians – I didn’t know whether to add this in but  couldn’t help myself because I am obsessed. I know that most of it we are already aware of because of tabloids etc but I find it so fascinating to watch the humans (I know, it’s hard to think that they are) just living life and the pressures of being mega famous, the drama helps too. The outfits, the drama, the beauty, the bloody everything. I love it. Thank you god for making these humans and thank you E! for making trashy TV.

So basically I got obsessed with not a lot this month but I am so obsessed that I just neeeeeded to tell you about these products. What have you been loving in April?

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