Desk Essentials

As a office worker, for 8 hours a day my desk is my mini home and having worked in an office for four year I believe I have honed my essentials to the bare minimum but essentials to get me through the day. Just to be clear, I am not talking about stationary, there are plenty of stationary bloggers and I am noooot one of them (not that I don’t take a sneak peak every once in awhile because stationary bloggers have such pretty photographs). I am talking about the things that make the day better.

My ABSOLUTE number one essential is hand cream. If like my office yours is air conditioned then RIP our skin because air conditioning units dry your skin out so much that it’s actually a joke so hand cream is an absolute must, to accompany this I use cuticle cream and hand sanitiser first but that each to their own. If you don’t have a live in hand cream on your desk then how do you survive please? I need to know. My current hand cream is Hand Maid by Soap & Glory and it is wonderful and it smells beautiful. It does the job without breaking the bank (not that mine isn’t already broken).

Teabags, teabags, teabags. I have completely converted to green tea it’s been something like 15 days and I feel like I cannot live without them. I have a massive stash of them at work and I drink 5+ cups a day (I convince myself it makes up for the 5+ glasses of wine after work but whatever). Green tea contains a teeny tiny amount of caffeine which is fabulous for me because I am so sensitive to caffeine, it’s really sets my anxiety off but with such a little amount I feel awake without my heart pounding like I’m going to die not to mention it is fabulously good for you.

Snacks are literally my life so they have to be on this list. I could not get through the working day without snacks because I am a fat little piggy, I try to keep healthy snacks such as dark chocolate (it is healthy if you only have one square, don’t judge me), fruit & vegetables and Ryvita at my desk but I can’t say that crisps and the occasional crème egg don’t sneak in there too. I try to keep balsamic vinegar around as well because I fucking love it but whatever.

I recently bought the B. Confident Hyaluronic Acid Facial Spritz and I bloody love it. The best feeling when you are mid way through the shift is a refreshing cold mist to wake you up and it makes my skin feel like fucking silk I swear. Hyaluronic acid is a bit misleading really because the word acid makes you think of something that is going to burn away a layer of skin but hyaluronic acid actually restores moisture as far as I am aware so don’t be scared away by the word acid if you have dry skin.

So those are the four things I cannot do a shift without, what do you have as a holy grail desk must have? I would love to know.

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