ABH Contour Kit


This product was a massive leap for me as someone who rarely ventures into the world of contour products because I am unsure of how much they can really enhance my experience. For any contouring I do on my face I have used a light concealer, a flat headed contour brush from Spectrum and Benefit’s Hoola. I have been using it since I ventured into the world of contouring and haven’t changed it up because it works but I was placing an order a couple of months ago for a friend and decided it was about time. I have used the Hoola which is obviously a powder so I decided to go for the cream contour for something new and if I didn’t like it then I would just have to bloody well suck it up.

Now that I have had the chance to really test it out on several occasions I thought now would be a great time to share my experience with you all. I love/hate it. I wonder why I have to be so pissing fickle all of the time but I really cannot make my decision on the contour shades, sometimes I feel like they just don’t suit my skin shade or blend well and then other times the contour looks so natural but still completely noticeable which is just annoying as hell because WHY CANT IT BE LIKE THAT ALL THE TIME? The product itself is roughly £40 and is not crazy available in the UK however you can get them from places such as Beauty Bay and Cult Beauty etc. I like two of the highlighting shades for concealer but the third sheer glittery colour is too subtle for me as a highlighter (hahahahahahaha, can’t help but need more than a little glow, I want to be a glazed donut guys) so overall the product is worth it because I use 5 out of the 6 shades. Go me for taking a risk.

On to the product itself, the shade I purchased is light/medium as I am a fricking milk bottle and it does work perfectly, the shades are a perfect variation and make contouring your face mega easy. They are creamy and a little goes a long way although I found adding a drop of facial oil makes sure it doesn’t cake under my eyes and I find it easiest to blend with a Beauty Blender but it also works well with a kabuki brush so it’s very versatile. Basically go buy it, treat yourself, you deserve it.

This product has shown me how high end products can be worth the risk, albeit assessed risk but risk all the same. I really love this product and CANNOT wait to buy more from them. I am extremely excited that they have recently opened a UK website and cannot wait to have a little splurge on there soon.


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