Reasons I Just Cannot Get Enough of Call the Midwife 

So basically last night was the last episode in this seasons Call the Midwife. This is the BBC1 series which is very popular and well loved as far as I am aware. I adore it so much, when I was sitting in bed last night, mouth agape at the fact that it has finished for another year (I don’t think I’ll ever be able to emotionally handle the final episode of any TV show) I thought of writing this to help me get over my devastation at having to wait under Christmas 2017 for my next fix of 1960s midwifery.

1 – I love the fact that the show tackles important historical events in medicine such as the Thalidomide issue and the introduction of the contraceptive tablet. I have only been watching the show for 3 years so I can only comment on the recent events but since I have watched they have shown the effects Thalidomide which was a painful watch to say the least. I think it’s wonderful that a prime time TV show has tackled a major error in British medicine and educated us all of the awful affects that our grandparents/parents had been terrified by. It was wonderfully informative and from the research I have done, correct as well.

2- I feel like every single character has loveable attributes, even the characters who only take small parts. You really do fall in love with the different characters and I even find myself getting frustrated when they aren’t behaving like themselves. I am not saying I like everyone (still undecided on the new midwife, I don’t know why) but every character has the ability to put a smile on my face or make me laugh and you don’t find that in every show you watch.

3- I can cry with laughter and sadness all in one episode and it’s not even down to PMT. Now I know that this can be a pretty much everyday occurrence for some of the more hormonal humans on earth, me included but seriously, this shit is moving! I love it.

4 – Every time the voiceover comes on and starts to spout motivational spiel I find a massive grin on my face and I simply cannot stop. This program is just like watching a children’s movie, there is pretty much always a happy ending, well ok, don’t quote me on this, people do die and stuff but it always ends on a lighter more positive note.

5- I always feel very lucky when watching it, as a country as much as we are still a long way off, Britain has come an extraordinarily long way since the days of minimal contraceptives, less knowledge in the medical profession and the rights of women. It is nice to look back and see all that we have achieved.

So yeah, I am hopelessly in love with another TV program, what a shock (not). Oh, and you get to see cute little babies. My poor ovaries.

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