Life update

Soooooo, it’s been a while, I apologise for that. I can’t say I have been doing much other than just living life but it has been pretty hectic as of late. I have finally sat down to catch a breath so I thought I would update you on all aspects of my boring life.

First things first, I may as well be falling apart. Over the past couple of weeks I have taken some time off work to change my Anxiety medication because mine wasn’t agreeing with me, initially I was moved on to Mirtrazapine however I have a muscle disorder and this medication affected that and meant that I couldn’t carry on using it, at this point I had to have blood tests & I am awaiting a second to make sure everything has gone back to normal. Along with this I have had a throat infection from hell, issues with contraception and my breasts are so swollen I am sure they are going to drop off, so apart from being a weeping, hormonal, frustrated woman who sounds like a cross between darth vader and someone who smoked 70 a day I’m feeling pretty well.

Progress in my life is actually chugging along nicely, I am planning to buy a house next year and I have finally set a plan in place with my boyfriend such as where and what we want to purchase which is crazy exciting.

Finally after Christmas and a slightly indulgent January I have plenty of products to review for you, plenty of things to say and plenty of shit to type.

I apologise for the short update but, what can I say when I haven’t been doing anything at all?

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