Morphe 35F

Ok,  so the Morphe palettes are what everyone has been talking about for god knows how long, for the longest time I couldn’t get my head around how it could be so cheap and so good, the must be a catch right? It is so hard to get your hands on one of these palettes so when my mum gave me the opportunity to buy my own Christmas presents and a Beauty Bay email informing me of a restock came at the same time I was sure that God himself was giving me a sign that I needed to try it.

Choosing a palette out of the collection was one of the hardest moments of my life (no, I am not joking and no, I have not lead a sheltered life but make up is very important and there is NOTHING worse than a shit palette) but I ended up on the 35F because of all of the beautiful shimmer shades and I am a sucker for a shimmer shade.

I made my purchase and well done Beauty Bay for making it a bearable process and the palette was delivered quickly and bloody successfully (does anyone else have the problem of fucking NOTHING reaching your actual house or is it just me?). When it was delivered I had to take a sneak peak before handing it over to ”santa” for wrapping and my lord, my heart was in my mouth, it was so god damned beautiful I just had to touch it and the colours are so so pigmented but it was handed over before I could fully try it our and ruin the surprise for myself.

For those of you who dont know, this palette is around the £22 mark, I think it was £21.75 but don’t quote me on that as I cannot be bothered to check and quite frankly, a quick google will tell you the price but for 35 shades I wasn’t expecting the holy grail of palettes. Guess what? I was wrong. This palette is creamy, has loads of different shades ranging from shimmer white to terracotta all the way to matte black so you have a wide range of shades to play with AND they are so fucking pigmented I feel like I’m in a bloody dream however, there is a downside.

Now, before I disclose the downside, please do not think that I do not like this product, I do, in fact I love and adore this product. If we were in a burning building scenario I would be picking this product up as one of my three things but it does have fall out, not an unabearable amount and it’s not something that puts me off using it but it is something I have to think of when I am doing my make up and for this reason I can’t say it is pefect but I can say I would reccomend it 100%.

I am not going to sit and list the colours because you can see them in photos, your not silly but next time you get a spare £30 and your wondering what to spend it on, head to Beauty Bay, pick up this product then treat yourself to a takeaway with the remainder, you deserve it.

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