Vixen – A Kylie Lip Kit Review

My wonderful boyfriend made an order an order for me for Christmas but because he is soppy and can’t resist my puppy dog eyes he gave me one early so I could wear it on the run up to Christmas and I am IN LOVE. I know that Kylie Lip Kits have such mixed reviews but I really can’t believe how good they are. I can’t speak for any of the other colours but the formula of this one is insane.

First of all the packaging, because Vixen was part of the Holiday collection it was packaged in a beautiful chrome box with white detailing which is a tree ornament (sitting proudly on my Christmas tree currently). I love the packaging and think it looks so pretty and girly, perfect for the holiday season. The pricing of the product isn’t very pleasing to the bank balance (thank you Maxy) but this isn’t helped by hideous shipping and customs charges but I suppose if you live in America it would be just the same pricing as normal.

The colour payoff is insane, it is a beautiful deep dark plum shade which almost looks black in some light but it is the perfect winter berry shade. I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of application because the lip liner is magically creamy and slides on beautifully as does the liquid lipstick which amazed me because it literally goes on like water, dries quickly and stay on all bloody day. I was surprised with how long this formula stayed on because I’m used to things coming off so quickly (because I am a fat, talkative git who is always talking, eating or drinking) but this had such good staying power.

I am crazy excited to wake up on Christmas morning and try the other shades, I am literally bursting with excitement and I can’t wait to make another order to get some more. Hurry up Christmas & thank you Kylie Jenner for making my lips look bold and brave this December.

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