Lazy Mulled Wine

I adore mulled wine and over the last couple of years I have tried making it in many different ways. The ease of doing so really does vary so I decided to write a little about each method I have used. Can we first start off by saying how nice is mulled wine? It really is the perfect winter drink, the blend of sugar, spices, deep wine flavour and the heat from it being a hot drink are the perfect companion for a cold night with a Christmas movie to a hand warmer as you are walking around a Christmas market on a crisp Saturday in December. I first tried Mulled wine a couple of years ago and loved it but I didn’t know how easy it would be to make at home, when I finally tried it I was pleasantly surprised.

The hardest way to make mulled wine is to do it from scratch, you can make it with any red wine but I prefer Gluhwein as it is the perfect base for homemade mulled wine. So you would need

1 or 2 Orange/Clementine etc (whatever you have in the house will do)

1 Lemon

120g Caster Sugar (I didn’t say that it would be a healthy recipe)

Ground cinnamon

Nutmeg (ground or whole but grating them yourself keeps the fresher for longer)

2 Star Anise

Obviously the Gluhwein or any other red really, you’ll mask most of the taste anyway, so much so that you can even use non alcoholic red wine if you wish and it will still taste amazing.

Chop up the lemon and orange and place in the pan with a bottle of Gluhwein, place on a low heat and start adding the sugar once the wine is warm, don’t let it boil though.

Add the star anise then use the ground cinnamon and nutmeg to taste.

If you are planning to drink it straight away you can leave it on the hob to simmer however if this is for a party or night in with friends I would recommend putting the wine into a slow cooker and leaving it n a low heat to keep it warm and fill the house with the beautiful smell of Christmas.

Now, that is the hard way, and even that is mega easy. Mulled wine can be shop bought for around £3-£7 and can sometimes be pretty nice although it is always better with added spice. Alternatively you can use mulling syrup or a spice bag, both of which include the sugar and spices needed. These are so easy and take seconds to do but give a wonderful flavour. So, let’s all get crazy drunk around the Christmas period on mulled wine, eat way too many carbs and feel like bloated spotty whales in January, it’s all worth it.

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