My Top Five Christmas Songs

I am a shameless Christmas song fan, I can’t lie I’ve been blasting them in my car since mid November I mean, is there anything better than singing along to Slade on your way home from work? I think not. So anyway, I saw this blog post idea, well it was a playlist idea but adapted it and decided to write about my five favourite Christmas songs. They are in no particular order because that would be too hard to choose but they are my top five so after you have read this post, stick them on and dance around the room like a deranged person singing your heart out, even if you’re in public.

Merry Xmas Everybody by Slade – Now isn’t this just the best, it’s an extraordinary amount of years old but every year it still get played with that crazy 70s video. Now change the tab to YouTube and watch the video and get really excited for Christmas please, see you in four minutes.

Fairytale of New York by The Pogues – I love this song, it literally sounds like it has been sung by two drunks, albeit very talented drunks, in a pub somewhere. My boyfriend actually refers to it as ‘the drunk one I like’ and every bloody time I listen to it I imagine a snowy New York Christmas and curse my bank balance that I can’t afford one in real life (if anyone wants to take me this year, I am free).

Driving Home for Christmas by Chris Rea – Yes, I am a fan of this song because of Gavin and Stacey. I side with Bryn on this one and absolutely adore it. I visit family in Yorkshire every December and this song gets me excited for the drive because as soon as I get there I know I will feel at home. Also, on a different note has anyone watched the Gavin and Stacey Christmas special yet? I have watched it twice already and cannot wait to snuggle up in bed on Christmas Eve with Max and watch it again.

Do They Know It’s Christmas by Band Aid- This is a fabulous song with lots of different voices, the new one is alright but the old one is better. This is the song from the Gavin and Stacey scene which everyone loves. It’s my guilty pleasure to put it on and sing at the top of my lungs whilst driving home.

Happy Xmas by John Lennon – This one is a really nice one. I know mice is a bit of a shit word but that is exactly what it is, it’s the kind of song to make you sway from side to side and actually think about the lyrics.

So basically, if you haven’t opened a music playing app to listen to all of these and your favourites too, what are you playing at? Unless you’re at work or the equivalent of course then maybe you shouldn’t. Go feel Christmassy and eat some treats. You will have the time of your life.

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