The BEST Christmas Movies Ever

I am a huge fan of Christmas movies and love it when they are on TV but I always seem to forget to watch my favourites so I decided to compile a list of movies to watch in December, after the list got to 10 movies I absolutely must watch before Christmas I decided that a blog post on the BEST Christmas movies would be a great idea. I have sorted the movies into the age ratings because there is nothing worse than sitting down to watch a movie with your whole family then realising that your younger siblings should most definitely not be watching this (especially Love Actually!)

U Rated Movies

The Santa Claus (U Rating) & The Santa Claus 2 (U Rating) – This is a fantastic Christmas movie about the father of a six year old boy who is involved in an accident with Santa on Christmas Eve and so he has to take over the role. The second movie revisits the family after 10 years when Santa needs to find a Mrs Claus to keep his job and follows his quest to do so. It is full of magical scenes and lots of laughs, both are such feel good movies.

Happy Feet (U Rating) – This movie is about a bloody cute little penguin called Mumble and in a world full of singing penguins, he can’t sing but he can dance. It’s a movie about how being different can be wonderful and the music is sure to get you dancing around your living room like an idiot.

Miracle on 34th Street (U Rating) – Santa basically gets sectioned for saying that he is Santa so a little girl and a Lawyer have to team up to try and get him released before Christmas so he can carry out his duties.


PG Rated Movies

Jack Frost (PG Rating) – Tearjerker alert! This movie is about a dad who is always breaking his promises to his little boy and dies in a car accident but returns one year later as a snowman to finally put things right with his son.

Scrooged  (PG Rating) – The story of the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future haunting a TV company boss into becoming a better person. It’s a fun adaptation of A Christmas Carol.

Elf  (PG Rating) –  Is it really Christmas if you didn’t watch Elf ? If you haven’t seen this movie then where have you been for the past 13 years please? However, if you have been hiding under a very large rock then this movie is about a baby who crawls into Santa’s sack, gets taken to the North Pole and raised as an Elf but ventures back to New York to find his real family. Just watch it, it’s magical.

Home Alone (PG Rating) & Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (PG Rating) – Yet another movie that I am sure everyone has seen however, it is one of the best. A child gets left behind at Christmas time and has to protect his house from burglars. In the second movie the same little boy catches the wrong flight and bumps into the burglars again. The movies are full of laughs and give you the feeling like your heart is going explode.

Frozen (PG Rating) – I love frozen, I love Olaf and I love the cringey music. Just sit down with the family and bloody watch it.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (PG Rating) – The Grinch is a classic Christmas movie. I used to be scared of the Grinch but now I identify with the fluffy fella and I am sure you do too. Plus how cute is that little girl? Go watch it again and relive your childhood.

Fred Claus (PG Rating) –  Fred Claus is Santa’s arsehole older brother, he contacts his brother just before Christmas for a loan but Santa only agrees if Fred will come to the North Pole to help with the Christmas rush and then all hell lets loose. This is a real family movie with laughs and tears.

Christmas with the Krank’s (PG Rating) – The Ham!!! Every time I think of this movie I think of the ham scene! The Krank’s decide as their daughter isn’t coming home for Christmas they wouldn’t get involved with the festivities however their daughter decides to come home from travelling and she is bringing her new boyfriend. Chaos ensues as they try to do a spectacular Christmas with no planning time at all.

Edwards Scissorshands (PG Rating) – Young Jonny Depp plays a man with scissors for hands is taken in by a family into a new community near Christmastime and as an outcast it doesn’t go very well. This is shown pretty much every Christmas, although it isn’t a proper Christmassy movie it is a great watch.


12A or over Rating

Bad Santa (15 Rating) – This movie is likely to please the older audience, it is about a conman who dresses up as Santa with his friend who dresses as Santa’s little helper but they are caught out by the security guard who wants in on their elaborate con.

Love Actually (15 Rating) – Love Actually follows different couples inn different stages of their relationships at Christmastime in London. It’s such a touching movie that really will make you grin.

The Holiday (12A Rating) – I adore this movie! Although it isn’t crazy festive it really gets me in the mood for Christmas festivities and is the perfect movie for a girls night in with a bottle of wine, I promise.

Four Christmases (12A Rating) – If you have a large family or divorced parents like I do you will know the struggle of trying to visit everyone at Christmas and this is only amplified when you get in a relationship. This movie is about a couple who try to visit both sides divorced parents meaning four Christmases and this causes stress. I love this movie because it’s so bloody true to life (with comedic adde4d extras)

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (12 Rating) – A classic Christmas movie about everything becoming a disaster.

They are all typical but so so funny and they warm your heart so snuggle up and get watching!

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