You Beauty Box October 2017

Shortly after writing my previous post on The Boxes that I Subscribe to. I received my You Beauty Box and decided to share with you the contents and my thoughts, I also received a box of chocolates with this order, I presume this was for upgrading from a two  product box to a four product box but I have to admit, I am unsure. Anyway, let’s get into the products.

Oleverum Bath Oil – I adore baths and all the lotions and potions for bathing so when I saw this product on the selections I had to chose it. I have never heard of the brand before but it came in lovely glass packaging and is a mixture of 10 pure essential oils which are have been combined to create a relaxing aroma which is said to relieve stress and tension which is 100% needed today.

Caudalie Resveratrol Lift Face Lifting Soft Cream – I am a massive fan of Caudalie. I received one of their products in another subscription box and I adore them, when this came up I got excited but it’s an anti aging product and I’m 20 so I’m not in great need right now even if the recommendation is to start young so I got this product for my mum (want to just hand me the best daughter award now?) because she is forever talking about her wrinkles so I hope she sees some results from this. This was a 15ml pot so just enough to be able to use for at least a week.

Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask – I have never tried a sheet mask and don’t feel that I know enough about them to go out and purchase one so when this came up on my You Beauty Box selection I had to pick it. I have heard so many good things and I cannot wait to try this product which says that it is a moisture boost as my skin has started to develop really dry patches over the past couple of weeks as the season changes so fingers crossed this will sort me right out. I love writing these kinds of posts but I feel like I can’t tell you if they are good or not so I will update this post once I have used the product to let you guys know if this is a life changer (fingers crossed!).

Fruu Coconut Lip Balm – Who doesn’t love a scented lip balm ? That’s why those blooming Lip Smackers were so popular and this product is beautifully scented, it is filled with coconut oil, coconut milk, aloe vera and banana extract and this just makes me so happy because my lips have gone so, so dry recently. They are organic, vegan AND they have no petroleum formulations and if I’m completely honest I don’t know what that means but it sounds bloody wonderful.

Soften Glove & Sock Masques by 7th Heaven – These products are basically a wonderful idea. They are basically a plastic bag filled with essential oils that you put on and leave on (ideal when watching tv or reading a book) and you cleanse your hands or feet, pop them on and then sit back are relax for 20 minutes. When you take them off you will have beautifully soft little limb attachments. I tried the foot one last night and my boyfriend actually said to me ‘are you sure those are going to work on your feet’ the cheeky shit but they did and they left my feet beautifully soft so I cannot wait to try the hand ones out.

Dentyl Active Plague Fighter – Last but not least I received this 100ml bottle of mouthwash which is the cute one which has the pink and blue which you mix together. There is nothing much to say apart from, its mouth wash and its going straight in the cupboard and will be superbly handy for when I am travelling.

I’d love to see anyone else’s subscription box reviews so please leave links below.

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