Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm

I recently received this in a Pink Parcel and got to work with using it immediately, I have used this product a couple of times so I thought I would share my thoughts with you all. I haven’t really heard too much about this product before I received it but the leaflet that came in the Pink Parcel did say it was a much loved product so I had high expectations and she looking into this product further for research purposes before writing this post (the customary google 30 seconds before opening the laptop to check the price and whatnot) I saw that this is apparently ‘The King of Cleansing Balms” and very well loved on the internet so maybe I have been living under a rock.

This product is £16.50 for 100 ml of product which may sound slightly on the steep side depending on what your used to however I can say a little goes a really long way so it isn’t something you wont get your money out of. The ingredients in this product really excite me, something about almond oil just agrees with my skin and this contains almond oil, echium oil (who freaking knows what that one is but it sounds good) and anti-oxidants. It has a very faint clean scent which is pleasant but I am glad its faint because it’s not overpowering which I like because some scents can be overpowering in cleansing products. I really enjoyed how this felt on my skin, it felt luxurious and soft, similar to something that would be used in a facial. The all important question however is did it remove my make up, the answer thankfully is yes.

Overall this product left my skin beautifully soft and was a nice experience, kind of like a mini treat for your skin and it does the job. I have to say, it isn’t something I will be repurchasing any time soon because I have a queue of different oils and balms in my cupboard waiting to be used however if I ever get through the lot then I will keep this product in mind because, I really did love it. Well done Merumaya, you won me over.

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