Anatomicals Mattifying Face Mask

Yet another product I received in my Pink Parcel that I really felt like I needed to post about, why I feel the compulsion to tell you about this product I’m not quite sure but I’m going to blooming do it anyway. I adore the packaging of this face mask, its bright, clean and overall eye-catching in a bright blue sachet the brand information and product name on the front. I like information it gives on the back, the way the company have worded it and had mega high hopes for the product. When trying to find a price online to give to you guys I really struggled to get a GBP price for the face mask but its comes in at roughly around a pound as you can get a pack of 3 for £3 on the ASOS website and around £1.29 on eBay. Anatomicals are a fun company with great marketing as far as I can tell, the description on the website for this product is so fun and upbeat.

With regards to the product, the consistency wasn’t wonderful. I like a thinker mask and this was like water which meant it was harder to apply and  got all over my carpet and dressing table (this may be down to me and my messy was but it wasn’t easy like applying a face mask should be), it is a fantastic teal colour which was nice though. I left it on for 15 minutes as instructed and took it off with a clean, damp flannel. my skin was left soft and refreshed as it should with a face mask but I think the mattifying was too much for my skin because it dried it my skin out quite a bit. This would be great for someone with greasier skin but as my skin is combination skin (bloody nightmare, even my skin is indecisive) it didn’t work for me.

Apart from the application which, if I had been aware of before opening the mask, then I could have dealt with it better. I really liked the product, it is a good price, no unpleasant smells and its just really aesthetically pleasing, I just wish my skin liked it too. Have you tried Anatomicals? Is there a product I need to try from their range ?

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