A Haircare Must Have

Just recently my hair has gone through such a hard time because I took it from dark purple to blonde which included a horrifying amount of bleaching, then I had fun with pastel colours for a while and currently I have bright orange hair so there has been a lot of home dying and inevitably, a whole lot of damage so the last time I dyed it I decided to purchase the famed coconut oil. I have heard plenty about the wonders of coconut oil and I have tried most other things to repair my hair so it was the next logical step because I needed a bloody miracle. It was £5 for 300ml of product which seems, slightly steep for something that may not work to me (it was near the end of the month ok? Anything that is priced over £1 is steep before payday) but I went for it because, well, my hair deserved it and if it worked I could use it again and again.

The verdict is in. I adore it. My hair hasn’t felt as strong or silky in months (since before I bleached the shit out of it). Admittedly, I was a bit confused at first because it’s hard when cold so I just kind of scratched a lump out of the pot and warmed it up in between my hands which melted it into an oil and applied it to towel dried hair, left it for 10 minutes and then shampooed and conditioned as usual. When I dried my hair I couldn’t believe it. My hair felt so healthy, I usually find when you use a mask it feels soft and silky but kind of, artificial if you know what I mean? You don’t get that from coconut oil really, it just more of a natural feeling and leaves your hair insanely shiny. I would just recommend to use it before shampooing and make sure you shampoo well after.

I got my pot from the Waitrose cooking oil section and it was an own brand product but I think you can get it in any supermarket. So far I have used it as a hair mask, face cleanser, for shaving instead of shaving foam and as a moisturiser and I love it for every use. There are so many other uses apart from the obvious one, cooking and I cannot wait to try out the other uses.

Have you tried coconut oil as a hair mask? What were your thoughts?

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