Evening Skincare Routine

I cannot sit and lie to you and say I cleanse my skin every single night, I do try bloody hard but sometimes it just doesn’t happen so when I say this is my routine this is my routine when I manage to get my arse out of bed to do so before I fall asleep. I have to admit, I don’t wear make up every day so its not as bad as it sounds (although still pretty disgusting), I don’t think any other female could say they haven’t fell asleep without washing their face.

First things first in my routine, if I am wearing make up I choose a different cleanser. I find although my regular cleanser does the job for most of my make up I use an eyeliner which is near on indestructible so I opt for an oil based cleanser when i am wearing make up to help me remove this. The one I am currently using the one by The Sanctuary and it is amazing, it smells beautiful, leaves my skin soft and works wonders for removing my make up. If I’m not wearing make up then I will be using my trusty Green People cleanser which I mentioned in my morning routine.

To carry on the cleansing I grab a cotton pad and my Garnier Micellar Water and just drag it around my face to make sure it is actually clean then I reach for the Lush Eau Roma Water and another cotton pad and use that as toner and I have to say, since I started using toner I have noticed a massive difference in my skin, it looks so much more radiant and controls breakouts better, I couldn’t live without it.

If I’m having a particularly shitty skin day with break outs then I will use my Nip + Fab Night Gel (full review can be found here) which tends to control that or if i have particularly dry skin then I will use a skin oil, I have two that I go between at the moment, the first is a tester I received which was by The Body Shop and it is so luxurious, I love it but if I want something a tad lighter I will go for Waitrose Face Oil which was roughly £2-£3 but it gives my skin the hydration it seems to need.

If i haven’t used face oil I will then use some kind of moisturiser on top, I’m not too fussy but the one I tend to reach for at the moment is the Garnier Night Cream, in all honesty, because I have a big tub and it needs to be used before I invest in a new one.

So thats it really, I am a bad blogger who doesn’t alway wash her face at night but when I do, I have this routine. What products do you use for your night time routine ? 

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