Boobs, tits, breasts, whatever you want to call them, if you own them then this article is, well, really pissing important (even if you don’t, its still relevant I promise). Everyone hears of the big C word and jumps a mile (and by the big C word, I mean cancer) but it is ever so important to check your breasts as breast cancer is a real possibility for everyone. I don’t personally know anyone affected by this but I really wanted to write this post today to remind everyone of what to check for and if it means you screenshot the bit of the post that shows what to look for on your phone and set an alarm to check once a month then so be it but please don’t forget and please don’t put off getting any lumps checked out.

I keep a cute little card in my purse with this information on from CoppaFeel and they also do a great service which is a free monthly reminder to check your boobs, to sign up please text ‘BOOBS’ to 70300, the text you send will cost you standard charge i.e. one of your free texts but is that big price to pay ? Didn’t think so.

Now onto the important list. Please females and males (yes males can suffer from breast cancer too) just remember this and check, it could save your life.

-nipple discharge

-lumps and thickening

-changes in skin texture i.e. puckering or dimpling

-nipple inversion or changes in direction swelling in armpit or around collarbone

-constant pain in breast or armpit

-change in size or shape

-rash or crusting around nipple

Now you know what your looking for my dear readers, pretty please check monthly and for loads more info you can visit the massive world of the internet and I promise you will find all that you need.

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