Fight the Fuzz

Ok, I know is getting to the colder months and a lot of us female put a massive middle finger up to hair removal but this one is a bit different. What if it’s on your face ? I find that although the hairs on my upper lip are white but when I wear makeup it settles wrong and looks awful so I have been using Nair Hair Removal Cream for about a year. I personally think each to your own with hair removal, sometimes I shave my legs, sometimes I don’t. Each to their own.  I’m not too bothered but with facial hair I find that removing those thin white hairs allows my make up to be applied so much smoother.

On to the product, the product I use is Nair Facial Hair Removal Cream with Argan Oil, I find that even though this is a sensitive formula I still get irritated skin but I have a magic secret (drumroll please ?) NAPPY CREAM! No I am not shitting you, a thin layer of nappy cream (I use sudocrem which is a godsend for any and every skin problem, it may as well be a miracle worker in a tub) under the hair removal cream and it protects your skin whilst those pesky hairs get burnt away to nothingness. I am not a great fan of hair removal creams overall and prefer shaving but for my face I really do think shaving is a big no no, something about it really puts me off. I was on a quest to find a cream that didn’t leave your face smelling of burnt hair and I don’t know if it is the nappy cream barrier or the fact that the guys at Nair are really good at what they do but I have finally found it. It takes roughly 3-4 minutes for it to take my hairs off making it relatively quick and easy to fit into any routine. I tend to use it once every 3-4 weeks andfind that this works well for me. This products is £4.20 and lasts foreverrrrrrrr, I would 100% recommend it and will be repurchasing if I ever finish the endless bottle.



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