20 Reasons Younger Siblings Are The Best 

I have two younger sisters and as much as they annoy me, I really couldn’t live without them. I was 11 when my first sibling was born and I really did NOT want another human in my house, I was happy with just my mum and me but over the years I have realized that having a sibling really does have its perks so I thought I would give you 20 reasons why I love having my younger sisters so much.


  1. They give you an excuse to watch Disney movies/all kids movies so you can relive your younger days.
  2. They are built in best friends and allies at family occasions (this also applies to cousins).
  3. They will tell you if you look like and idiot, even at 3 and 9, I still get the gods honest truth so I know if I look like shit.
  4. They look up to you in everything you do. It’s like having your own cheer team!
  5. If like me there is a massive age gap between you and your siblings then you’ve had baby experience so when your friends start having babies you know exactly what to do (my best friend and my mum were actually pregnant at the same time).
  6. Road trip? Frozen soundtrack on repeat and they won’t even tell anyone it’s your favourite album.
  7. They are always happy to see you and greet you with a big hug.
  8. They are always up for a movie and snacks, kids of that age don’t have much of a social life.
  9. They teach you to be a kid again and just do what you want no matter what anyone else thinks.
  10. They are a built in partner in crime and considering as the older sibling you’ll get all the blame anyway they will pretty much always say yes.
  11. They are there when your down to give you a cuddle and tell you your wonderful because they truly think you are.
  12. They give you confidence because you will protect them at all costs, you are the only person who is allowed to wind them up.
  13. They take delight in borrowing your lipsticks, make up, hairbrushes etc and it puts a massive cheesy grin on their faces which warms your heart.
  14. They give the best cuddles and they are there 24/7
  15. You’ll be able to impart your wisdom on them, including ways to wind mum up.
  16. They know exactly how to cheer you up.
  17. Never expiring reason to visit the zoo or farms.
  18. They make Christmas 100x better.
  19. They grow up so fast that you blink and its gone but they will never fail to amaze you at how clever they are.
  20. You will love them fiercely forever and they will love you too. No one can ever come in between that.

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