10 Things I Hate About Shopping

I love shopping, I really do but there are some shitty aspects aren’t there? I don’t know why everything can’t be as beautiful as staying at home and internet shopping but then your stuff comes and it’s ugly as fuck and you wonder why you didn’t just get off your arse and go to the shops. This is why.

1 – Someone taking what you wanted – Nothing is worse than seeing someone take the last of that beautiful dress in your size from the sale rail. The sinking feeling as the perfect dress swishes away from you and the feeling of pure hatred as they walk away. At least online you don’t see their face as the other person takes the last one in your size.

2. Rude shoppers – There is nothing worse than rude shoppers, I mean ‘Hi elbows, I am here too, can you please fuck off?’, I cannot stand it. When you get elbowed or someone barges past you. Ugh.

3. Parking – I can’t park, I mean I can if I put my mind to it but when there is 20 cars behind me and River Island is waiting, I do not have time for this shit. This is always made worse by the tiny parking spaces left because no one else in the UK can park on Saturdays apparently.

4. Queues – I hate queues, the long line to have the awkward interaction with the cashier who most of the time, act like you are an inconvenience which is really annoying because you probably want to be there less than they do.

5 – Changing Rooms – They are too small, too hot and you almost always get stuck in something (or I do anyway, which is why shopping alone is a HUGE no-no) so it’s just a nightmare. I tend to skip them but then find the clothing is too small.

Basically, I won’t ever stop going but bloody hell, just writing this post has out me off going again for a while. Thank you lord for online shopping.

One thought on “10 Things I Hate About Shopping

  1. #1 for sure!!!! Something that I really hate is the pushy employees. I know they’re told to greet everyone and push their sales etc in the US but if I’m clearly in the middle of a conversation then it’s probably not the time!


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