Cornwall Travel Diary #4

Day four was our final day in beautiful sunny Cornwall so we got up early to make the most of our day, packed up our car and went straight to St Michael’s Mount to make sure we didn’t miss it this time. If you haven’t heard of St Michael’s Mount it is a tiny island just off of the coast of Cornwall, so close in fact that you are able to walk there in low tide across a causeway that ensures access to the island. On the island there are 30 residents, a restaurant, two gift shops, beautiful gardens and ANOTHER CASTLE! The castle has been within the family for years and is part owned by National Trust which means that there is a fee to visit but this does go towards supporting National Trust and other beautiful parts of English history just like this one so it wasn’t too painful. The walk over to the castle on the causeway was very windy and I lost one of my lists (I am an avid listmaker, I am addicted) so do make sure to wrap up although the wind calms down once you get over there until you get to the top of the castle.

Once we got to St Michaels Mount we had a look in the gift shops where Max bought me a bath bomb (he is lovely sometimes!) and then we sat and had lunch in the restaurant which was amazing by the way, we didn’t have much but what we did have was nice and the food on offer sounded amazing. We finished up our food and decided to start the walk up to the castle entrance, conveniently at the same time I had an anxiety attack and had to sit on a bench for what felt like forever but it finally passed and we carried on to one of the most beautiful castles I have ever seen.

Due to the time of year that we visited the gardens were closed so they had bought a portion of the garden in to us which was arranged for everyone to see in different corners along with information on how they keep everything pristine. I really loved looking at everything and the top of the castle had the most beautiful views, you could see for miles. It is definitely a must visit for Cornwall.

Once we had finished we still had a good few hours until we had arranged to go home so we headed into Falmouth again to see the National Maritime Museum. I love museums, I love all of the exhibitions and information however I have to admit, this isn’t the best one I have been to. Don’t get me wrong, it was fun, all of the shipwreck information and seeing the fish in the sea and the beautiful views at the top of the museum were great but it didn’t occupy us for as long as expected really. Still well worth a visit though.

Finally, with sad little faces we cleaned the car out of all the rubbish that had accumulated and set of back to miserable old Northamptonshire.

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