Cornwall Travel Diary #3

Day Three was an amazing one, it was Max’s birthday and possibly my favourite of them all. We woke up and got ready to head to head straight to Tintagel to get some breakfast and go to Tintagel Castle. Tintagel castle is an amazing castle ruins on the Cornish coast which is famous for being the castle where King Arthur was conceived (as far as I can remember). We went to King Arthur Café and the food was bloody amazing. It was a small family run café where the service was wonderful. Max had a fry up and I had jacket potato with beans and cheese and both dishes were simple but so delicious, there was a leaflet on the table telling us where all ingredients were listed along with the local suppliers they got them from which I loved because the food was so fresh. Once we had thoroughly stuffed ourselves we took a stroll to the ticket office to get our admissions for the castle.

Tintagel castle is a big climb, with amazing views from the top and a lovely beach with little caves at the bottom so we decided to go explore the bottom first before we tackles the almighty steps. I have a video of the view from the bottom which I will put on my Instagram before this goes live but it was very beautiful. We walked across the stones , in and out the caves and then decided to tackle the stairs.

Tintagel castle is no easy feat and I wouldn’t recommend attempting the climb if you don’t feel confident but if you’re just lazy like me then do it because the views are wonderful. The headland has amazing views out to see and if you go on a quiet day it is large enough to find a peaceful spot to sit and stare. There are different ruins, a beautiful statue and random bits of marble on the floor (please be careful if you do go, these are a bloody trip hazard) which I found fascinating. We decided to head back to the car and walked all the way back to the ticket office/gift shop to get a souvenir where I bought another key ring *bursts with excitement* and some Kendall Mint Cake because Max had never tried it (he’s strange and a picky eater so I let him off and forced him into eating some. There is a long steep walk back to the car park so we took the lazy way out and got a Land Rover back to the top for £2.00 each!

We initially wanted to go to St Michael’s Mount after this but when we got there it was shut so we had a stroll then headed to our dinner location. This place was somewhere I had heard about for ages and Max had said how cool it was so as it was his birthday he had the choice and picked Redruth Meadery and in all honesty, it was fun because it was medieval however the food left a little to be desired for. We had a lovely evening sniggled up whilst the fire was going chatting and eating and the campsite was so quiet because everyone had gone home but us. It was a perfect last night.

If anyone has any recommendations of places to go on our next stay please let me know.

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