Cornwall Travel Diary #2

We woke up a billion times in the night, it was cold and rainy so we decided to get up straight away, get showered and get out to explore. The shower was beautiful, the towels were fluffy and soft, the water was really warm and had good pressure but it was so chilly outside I didn’t want to get out ever. We had planned to go to Land’s End. We drove nearly two hours to get to Land’s End  and found that my boyfriend had left his wallet, including my card, back at the blooming tent! So he suggested going back and after a long drive already I could have cried so luckily I found another card to use and we could carry on with our day. We were starving so we went in but found no food that we fancied so we ran to see Land’s End and got back in the car in search of pizza.

We found pizza and it was bloody wonderful! We love pizza so we went to a safe bet of Pizza Hut to get their sharing Pizza and the dessert option for £20, I had my side of the pizza as Heavenly Veg (which if you haven’t tried is fucking amazing) and cookie dough for dessert which was insane as always, if you haven’t ever tried Pizza Hut Cookie Dough then you need to. Once I had been fed and was back in lovely girlfriend mode we decided to go to Newquay aquarium which was so much fun! For roughly £11 per person we were in there about 45 minutes and it was really insightful. I personally love a good aquarium or zoo, or farm really, anything with living things to watch really interest me so I loved it. Once we had finished in the aquarium we went to a bar overlooking the beach and watched the surfers whilst I had glass of Merlot and max had a tea, the bar we were in was clearly the kind of place that was converted into a club but they had great views of the sea so we made the most of it. 

As I had said in the previous post, Max has spent holidays in Cornwall and around Newquay so he was showing me the different places including where they have Boardmasters which he rode in once which I never bloody knew the secretive little bugger. We sat and watched the crazy waves at Fistral Beach for a while then we went back to the tent, had a lovely fire and fell asllep without even thinking bout dinner.

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