Cornwall Travel Diary #1

So a couple of weeks ago I visited Cornwall properly for the first time ever. I had heard so much about it and my boyfriend had spent many holidays there as a child so when it came to getting his birthday present I thought ‘fuck it, let’s go away’ so I researched and researched and then did more bloody research and found the lovely Lowarth Glamping. I knew I wanted to stay in a bell tent and try out glamping because I thought it would be a lovely cheap way to get away. I came across a hurdle when I realized that everyone shuts up for summer at the end of September but we wanted to leave on September 30th but luckily Lowarth Glamping were still open so we booked the Summer tent for a Friday to Monday stay.

We left Northamptonshire at 5am and had a long drive down to Falmouth to start our day, stopping a billion times for a wee and once for well needed fry up from Harry Ramsdens at a service station. We arrived at around 10-11am so we headed to Pendennis Castle in Falmouth which was wonderful. Whilst we were there we actually signed up for an English Heritage couples membership which means we get free access to all English Heritage sites within the UK and free parking which excited me more than it probably should excite any 20 year old but hey, what can I say? I’m boring. Pendennis was wonderful and was used during WW1 and WW2 and was well decorated with information and really scary fucking sensored things that start making noise when you walk past them. It was a wonderful day and it was so hot for September. We got crazy hungry after all that walking and went to get fish and chips from the front. The food was wonderful (probably because I was that hungry I would have eaten anything) and when we were there we decided that we should probably check in to our tent.

We were shown around our beautiful tent in the middle of nowhere (so much so that we actually got lost and when Max got out to ask for directions he got attacked by to very friendly dogs who just wanted to lick him to death) it was wonderful, we had a view of the camel estuary (near Padstow) and some lovely horses in a field just next to us. The tent came with a kitchen but no electricity. We had access to a plug for charging our phones and a wood burner in the tent for warmth because it did get bloody chilly. Once we had packed away we went to dinner and had a lovely meal at The Quarryman and took ourselves off to bed after the longest day ever.

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