Tips on moving without wanting SCREAM

So, I am about to make my fourth move this year (I have to admit, I haven’t moved whole houses, just rooms) but four times is A LOT and I am sure I would have gone crazy (at some points I still have, I still don’t understand how one person can have so much crap!) if it wasn’t for these little rules I abided by. I am very lucky in the sense that I have a car and can move things when I want rather than relying on other people and am not experienced in moving a whole house so if you are looking for tips on how to pack your kitchen up this is not the post for you (although I am pretty sure the tips may help you, but I’ve never done it so who fucking knows).

Chuck shit out – I mean it, not literally of course, don’t just bin it but ask yourself 3 questions

– does anyone I know want it ?

can it go to the charity shop ?

– can it be recycled ?

If the answer is no to all three questions then bin it. You never know what people can make use of (also for things such as clothing, bedding, quilts etc do you have a homeless shelter or women’s refuge near you? If so, most are in need of these kind of things along with toiletries so sort everything you’re not going to use because that means its less stuff to pack and move. Once you have decided on all the stuff you are keeping then label it so you know exactly where it is going.

Take your time, don’t try and cram 8 hours of packing & moving into one day, it is not worth the stress and hassle. Prepare for it, spend an allocated amount of time on it each day, whether it means packing, sorting or unpacking just make sure you set an amount of time and stick to it. This has been a massively helpful tip for me for any big job I do such as moving, decorating etc.   

Finally, at the end of it all. Reward yourself, you deserve it! Don’t nag at yourself to get this and that done. It will all be done in time but if you create a massive list of things to do before you let yourself relax you will just stress yourself it. It will get done, I promise.


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