Bedside Table Must-Haves

I love my bedside table. It’s so pretty and handy and, I don’t know, it’s something that’s so personal because it is what that person decides to keep by their side when they are sleeping which is a big chunk of your life. Looking at mine, I’d say it does tell people a lot about me and I’m not sure it’s a good or a bad thing. Well let’s get straight into how much of a sloth I am.

First things first, the remotes! Oooh, which brings me to, what do you call your remotes? Remote controls? Button? What are they to you? I would love to know but anyway, I call them remotes or buttons, these sit on top of the bedside table. At least that’s where they are supposed to live although they do like to creep their way into the bed, get lost then stress me out for a good 20 minutes until I realize they fell down the side of the bed just like the other 6 times that day.

Secondly its candles and matches/a lighter. It’s that time of year again where candles are acceptable although every time someone walks into my room they tend to comment on the 10+ candles lit at the time, some say it’s excessive but I am embracing the season. I used to solely use a lighter for my candles because there was always one somewhere but I got some matches last week and they are so easy to reach the bottom of the candle and they smell beautiful, almost as if there is a bonfire in my room and if that isn’t a seasonal smell then I don’t know what is.

Before I tell you this one, I would just like to reaffirm that I am the laziest person ever, painfully lazy. I am a sloth dressed up as a human so the next one is a lifesaver for my skin which would get neglected if I didn’t do this. The third thing is SKINCARE, any lotions, potions, balms, anything like that I keep in the top drawer so I don’t have to leave my bed if I’m feeling particularly lazy/too drunk to move/half asleep.

The fourth thing on my list is an eye mask. I regularly sleep in a room with my boyfriend so if wither of us have to get up earlier and the other and turn on the light to get ready then we had the sleepy person the mask so we don’t disturb them. Lie and relationship saver right there for you.

Finally, last but probably most important (apart from the remote, I would rather be thirsty than stuck watching shit TV) is a drink. I do try to drink lots of water and do try to remember to bring a juice up to bed (or force my boyfriend to get me one before I fall asleep/in the night when I wake up) but I cant promise that there isn’t a glass of wine or fizzy drink next to me most nights.

What are your bedside table essentials ? Am I missing something ?Must

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