Subscription Box Galore.

Everyone loves subscription boxes, I haven’t met anyone that has said ‘no I don’t like receiving a monthly present from me to me’ it doesn’t happen, that’s not to say however that some people don’t have bad experiences with boxes because you can’t decide what you receive so I thought I would write a post on the two boxes I subscribe because I have tried a few and found that these are my favourite. 

The first box is the You Beauty Box and if I’m honest, I love the concept of this. The idea is you pick how may products you want so two three or four products along with the extras that you get and you pay a certain amount so for 2 products of your choosing £6.95 or the top end is 4 products for £10.95 which is the option I have upgraded to recently and I am very excited for the arrival of my first 4 product box. On the first of each month you receive an email with a selection of products and you pick the ones you would like to receive. Delivery is included in the price so it really is a well priced service box and your guaranteed to get products you want so you hopefully won’t be disappointed. I’ll do an unboxing on this later in the month to show you guys the content. You can check them out at

The second box I adore is the Pink Parcel. This subscription is £10.50 per month and is always including your sanitary products for the month, for me this means I don’t have to remember to go to the shop as they get delivered straight to my door and no matter what comes in the box, it’s always been useful. I have done an unboxing on these previously and I just love receiving them every month. The idea behind the Pink Parcel is that you receive your sanitary products and products including tea, a sweet treat, usually an intimate product and then some little treats for yourself. You can find them at

I will do an unboxing of both of these this month on my snapchat which is courtneyvlott if you want see me getting excited about opening parcels and stuff when they arrive this month but basically, I am a slight subscription box addict, and I say slight because I only have two but I do really think after trying several boxes these are the best for me, what’s your favourite subscription box ?


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