Lush Halloween Wishlist 2016

Everyone loves a bath right? I mean, is there anything better than relaxing in some hot bubbly water whilst reading a book or watching YouTube ? The answer my dear friends is hell fucking no (ok, maybe winning the lottery but I’m talking realistic situations guys) so I thought what better way to get all Halloweeny than to look at Lush Cosmetics Halloween collection. I can’t deny the fact that I have already bought one bath bomb and intend to pop into my nearest Lush tomorrow to get the other three, they are just too cute not to buy.

Starting the list with a bath bomb I have already bought, is the Pumpkin. I loved this bath bomb since I first saw it (love at first sight with a bath bomb is always the best love story). The scent of this bath bomb is very orangey with a slight spice and I adore it. It is shaped in the cutest little pumpkin shape which I cannot even cope with, it is unbearably adorable. I loved the smell and it really reminded me of trick or treating at Halloween and turned my bath water a lovely orange colour. This bath bomb is £3.50.

Next on the list is probably the cutest thing I have ever seen. The Boo Bath Melt is made includes ginger and cocoa butter which I am itching to try out because that sounds delicious. It is £3.50 and I expect it will be the best purchase I ever make.

The Monsters Ball bath bomb is something that I cannot leave without buying. It is lime and neroli oils scented which, if I’m honest, doesn’t float my boat in my imagination but who knows, this is just too adorable not too try. It does have cocoa butter in which is exciting. This is £4.25 so slightly pricier but its 75p and I am sure it will be worth it.

The blooming Sparkly Pumpkin is last but not least, I mean, it’s sparkly, of course it’s not least. This product is £3.85 and is a bath melt not a bath bomb but its sparkly, seriously, I think that’s all you need to know really.

The idea of a wishlist is things you want but after having a look I can’t help but go and buy them tomorrow so you can be my baths up until Halloween are going to be festive as fuck. I’d love any recommendations on Lush products if anyone has any?

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