The Holy Grail of Neutral Palettes.

To me, the Naked Basics palette by Urban Decay is a must have for any make up enthusiast. I didn’t wear eye shadow for years  (kicking myself internally as that sentence was typed) until I visited an Urban Decay counter and they tried some products on my face, I was sold straight away and bought this little beauty. This is a palette that has 6 neutral colours ranging from the lightest of creams to the blackest of black. There is one shimmer shade and the rest are matte colours which are the creamiest matte colours you will use ever use I swear, I love them. I am shamelessy a massive fan of the Naked eye shadow fan and have all four of the 12 shadow palettes but seriously, these are highly pigmented and so so easy to blend. They are the perfect travel palette for simple looks because it’s so compact but you still get the same pan size.

The Urban Decay website has this to say about Naked BasicsStripped down to its bare essentials, the Naked Basics Palette is small and compact, yet delivers quality colour every time. Boasting everything you need for the perfect neutral Naked eye look, every woman needs this palette in her beauty arsenal. Don’t let the small palette fool you – we have loaded Naked Basics with full-sized shadows, and every shade features the Pigment Infusion System™ – a vehicle for colour that holds tightly to pigment. This means insane colour pay-out that stays on your lids, every time’ and if I’m honest, I agree (I know, I know, it’s all marketing speak but seriously, this product is amazing).

The colours are as below.

Venus – Is a light creamy shimmer ideal for dusting over your brow bone.

Foxy – A yellow cream toned shadow.

W.O.S – A mid cream/beige colour which is ideal for all over your eyelid as a simple look or is a great base colour for a more intricate look.

Naked 2 – This colour is a beige/brown, it is very light colour but I find it comes out slightly darker than it looks.

Faint – I actually use this colour for filling in my brows, it is another colour that comes out slightly darker but is very versatile and probably my favourite colour.

Crave – This can only be described as the blackest of black, it honestly looks like charcoal (but blends a million times better I assume).

This product is £23.00 for 6 x 1.2g pans, I think, I can’t quite remember the exact weight (fuck sake, bad blogger) but they last for ages so who cares? I am going to repurchase this when it runs out, no questions but I can’t promise that I won’t stray to Naked Basics 2 or Naked Basics Ultimate (have you seen that by the way? Urban Decay you hurt my heart and my bank account!). I am trying to be more conscious of cruelty free brands and thankfully Urban Decay is as far as I can tell. Further information can be seen on the Urban Decay website, if I had to rate this out of ten, it would have to be a 9. I love it.

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