Loreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil

This oil has become my holy grail product of hair care. As I’m sure you all know, I bleached the shit out of my hair to get it this colour and with that comes damage, luckily for me, not a lot of damage but it’s still rather noticeable. This product claims to be a miracle hair perfector and I agree completely. I have used this oil both before shampooing and after washing before blowdrying and I have to say, for me the best results are achieved when I do both whilst washing my hair but I do have very thirsty and dry hair at the moment so this may not work for everyone.

There are some big claims on this product such as luxurious shine, intensely nourished, silky soft, sumptuously smooth and non-greasy. The product is a precious bled of 6 flower extracts with nourishing properties for luminous colour and sumptuous smoothness without flyaways. I picked up this product when it was a third off in Waitrose because usually it is £10 and that has put me off slightly because I find oils are hit and miss with my hair. 

I grabbed the oil for coloured hair because of my new colour (although what was I thinking, I have never seen a product that can successfully prolong a pastel colour) and I really love it. It is well worth £10, not greasy at all and leaves my hair smooth and actually shiny. It comes in a glass bottle with convenient pump top which means when you have wet hands you can still use it which is great for using in the shower or bath before shampooing. Overall it’s a superb product, you get 100ml of product for £10 and it last forever. I love it and dread to think what my hair would be like without it.


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