9 Reasons The Next Four Months Will Be The Best Of The Year

I love Autumn/Winter, something about it makes me so so content. So much so that I literally cannot stop talking about it so I thought I would get it all out of my system and write a post about it. I know some people hate it because its dark and expensive etc etc but stop being boooooooring, the next four months are 100% the best of the year.

Reason 1 – Blankets. I adore blankets. Fluffy ones, knitted ones, fleece ones, quilted ones, all of them. As soon as it gets cold enough to reach for the blankets im out buying a new one. I am obsessed and every time I eye up a blanket Max tells me off because I have so many but they are addictive. There is nothing better than snuggling up under a soft blanket after a long day.

Reason 2 – Who doesn’t love winter clothing ? Boots, jumpers, winter coats, fluffy socks, THE LIST IS ENDLESS! I look less like a slob in winter also as slobwear is acceptable. Yay for winter.

Reason 3 – Starbucks Hot Mulled Grape is the best winter drink (still counting down the days Starbucks and this one better be making a return!), I mean Mulled wine is the best winter drink technically but you cant drink 20oz of mulled wine whilst Christmas shopping if you want to get home safely after and not end up with a load of rubbish for your loved ones (Ann Summers thong for dad may seem funny at the time but Christmas Day ? Not so much). UPDATE!! THIS DRINK HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED. I AM HEARTBROKEN.

Reason 4- The big day itself. Christmas Day is my favourite day of the year hands down and as cliché as it sounds but what could be better than a day full of alcohol, good food and being able to give all of your loved ones a gift in the same day ? Nothing is the answer, absolutely nothing and for this reason, I am counting down the days.

Reason 5- Seeing your loved ones is one of the best things about this time of year, everyone comes together for festive dinners, bonfire night and if your American then Thanksgiving too (I am really jealous of this, an extra occasion where a massive roast is cooked and you spend time with your loved ones is right up my street).

Reason 6- Movie marathons!!! You all know how it is, when its summer and the sun is shining no one wants to stay in and watch all of the home alone movies in a weekend in July however when its December ? Everyone and their dog is on their sofa/in their bed for at least a couple of hours every weekend and I adore that. DVD collection, I’m coming for ya.

Reason 7- Food. Need I say more ? This should be the one and only reason to persuade everyone that this is the best season. I cannot wait to stuff myself with festive foods and feel like a beached whale in January. I’m talking roast dinners, cottage pie, anything hot that includes mashed potatoes, anything that includes carbs at all, selection boxes, ultra giant sharing bags of crisps that are designed for sharing between a whole family at Christmas whilst in reality you ate them during an episode of The Great British Bake Off. These kind of foods are the best kind.

Reason 8- The weather, yes I know, not a popular one but I adore the chilly wet weather. I love running from the shops to the car after shopping when it’s crazy wet! I love laying in bed and listening to the rain hitting against my window. I love taking a walk in the crazy cold dark weather when the air is crisp. I can’t explain enough how much I love it.

Reason 9- WINTER TV IS THE BEST! People seem to spend all summer out of their houses going on holidays and adventures but when the weather gets colder people retreat back into their houses and turn that TV on! The clever people at channel 4, BBC, ITV etc know this and they put on some wonderful TV, nothing makes me happier than a good series.


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