Typical Autumn Evening

As the nights get shorter and everyone settles down a lot earlier (or is that just me ? Have I just made myself sound boring ?) I thought I’d share with you my typical autumn evening routine, it’s boring as fuck but hey, you might be boring too so we can be boring together. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the darker nights, they are so cosy and I find they really recharge my batteries after running around (doing nothing, sloth life) all summer.


Once I get in I am usually freezing and starving, I have a half hour drive home from work so on the colder nights even though my car has heating I tend to get chilly so I like to eat a massive hot meal, there is nothing like a good home cooked meal in winter, especially if you are feeling chilly! I am going to post later on in the month 2 recipes for dinner during the colder months including my Mums beef stew and dumplings (she doesn’t know this yet so Hi Mum, I need that recipe and I need you to teach me how to make it please), aren’t mums the best ? I’d like to say that ill tidy up after this but maybe I will, maybe I won’t, I will usually load the dishwasher and turn it on if its full enough so that it’s all out of the way. I aim to do a load of washing every other day so if any needs doing I will shove that in and take myself off upstairs, all that domestic goddessing is tiring so I get into my pjs and get ready for bed.


I am a sloth, I really am. If I have no plans I’ll happily get into bed and watch TV at 6pm. To get ready for bed ill go into my room and grab something to wear in bed. If it’s a particularly cold night, ill switch my Silent Night Heated Blanket to 3 (so so cosy! I like it to be really warm) I always seem to get chilly so I love that it warms up my bed for me. Whilst that is heating up ill go in the bathroom and wash my face with a soft cleanser and usually shove my hair in a bun on top of my head. I’ll apply all of the nighttime skincare to my face depending on how my skin is and how much time I have (I have a post coming his month on my evening skincare routine).


I love to light candles when its dark outside so I’ll light some scented candles and dot them around the room to lighten it, plug my phone in, catch up on blogs and Twitter and finally switch the TV on and catch up on my favourite shows until I feel sleepy enough. I really want to participate in more chats in the evening but I always find myself missing them! I really should set alarms. That’s my autumnal evening, is there anything I am missing from my life ? Please let me know or post blog links below for me to read.


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