Courtney’s Guide to Surviving Long Car Journeys

I love long car journeys, don’t ask me why but something about being in a car with a friend or partner, eating lots of food, singing at the top of your voices and just chatting for a long time makes me happy, it just feels good for the soul but car journeys can be, uncomfortable shall we say ? Me and Max have done a lot of long car journeys over our relationship so I feel like we have kind of found the perfect formula I thought I would share with you all because when you plan a car journey before hand it is 1000 times easier. Im sure everyone has experienced the ‘shit im thirsty’ or ‘shit im hungry’ and the nearest service station is 30 miles away (I have done this a million times and have finalllllly learnt from it.

First things first do you have the post code of your exact location ? So many times have I just put the town we are going to into the navigation system and ended up with no signal and not knowing exactly where I am going (also if you are going to park in a car park the charges for how long youll be there, I got charged £38 the other week to park my little punto for a day! Insane!) and make sure your navigation system is charged! I use my phone but some people prefer not to.

SNACKS SNACKS SNACKS! I eat pretty much 24/7 and to avoid getting hungry and being stuck in a car with Max (I get hangry so it always ends in an argument, oops!) and to avoid paying extortianate prices in the services we pop into our local supermarket and buy drinks, snacks (both sweet and savoury, you never know what your going to fancy) although we do tend to get a meal when we are travelling such as fast food because, well is there any better excuse for a KFC ? The answer to that question is NOPE.

A bloody amazing playlist. Everyones music taste is different so I’m not going to tell you what to put on your playlist but ours generally includes Aril Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson, Biggie Smalls etc, we do tend to really switch it up but we love a good sing song to pass the time. Another idea if you have got bored of a playlist is to buy an album and listen to it from start to finish, I love doing this and tend to find new favourite songs.

Finally, AN AMAZING CAR BUDDY. Mine is Max, I cant imagine travelling long distance with everyone else, he knows that I need to stop at every service station to go toilet because of my inexplicably small bladder and I am his designated drinks passer/lid unscrewer. It works and I love it, I love car journeys and cannot wait for the next one.

I find making sure you have a bin bag for any rubbish to keep the car tidy, wipes just in case and a good moisturizer because travelling can dry your skin out and who does love a good pampering when you get a bit bored ?

I would love to hear your tips on surviving long journeys, please let me know what they are!

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