Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Sin

I fucking love this shit. I wish I could leave it there and you would all go and buy it because EVERYONE needs this primer, EVERYONE. Urban Decay are known for their setting sprays being insane good and I really need everyone to know how good this product is too. I like all of the primers for their staying power but I picked this one for a review because I purchased the full sized product. If you have purchased a Naked Palette by Urban Decay (either 1, 2, 3 or smoky, I believe you get it in all of them) they you will probably have received four little sachets of primer, one of each that they do and in that is the magical Sin. I used all of the testers I had and I needed more (sorry bank balance, pretty eyes comes before food thank you).



The staying power of this stuff is insane, as disgusting as it is, I have known it to last a full 24 hours in perfect condition and that included a day trip to London so lots of sweaty walking and a full night’s sleep (shoot me, I know I should have taken it off but, I couldn’t be bothered) and I would assume the staying power is just as great across the range. I like this particular product because it has a champagne coloured glittery shimmer to it which is pretty intense. I love this because behind a matte eyeshadow you can still see it slightly which means you have just doubled your possibilities although if you don’t want to see the shimmer you just have to pack on the shadow a little more and it disappears.


This product can be used on its own on your lid for a simple glittery look without trying to hard which I love, everyone seems to compliment it. This is such a versatile product which can even be used for highlighting if needs be and for only £15 I couldn’t resist. I would definitely repurchase this again and again to ensure my eye shadow stays on all night. It is a massive staple in my make up bag.


2 thoughts on “Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Sin

  1. Completely love it too!! I’m addicted to their eye primers!! So good and I too purchased a full sized one after trying the samples that I got with all of my palettes! I’m afflicted! And definitely agree it’s a must have for highly pigmented and long lasting eyeshadow 😍😍 xxxx


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