Loreal Pure Clay Glow and Detox Masks

Who doesn’t love a face mask ? I can’t get enough of being a massive slob on the sofa with a face mask on stuffing my face with something regrettable (2 day old curry tends to be the one) watching fabulous reality TV, and by reality TV I mean the scripted stuff with all the drama, not the boring stuff like Big Brother. I love face masks and I really need to do more of them, my skin deserves it so I bought myself the Detox mask and Max bought me the glow mask. I got a bargain in boots and got mine for £5 and I got a free travel size Garnier Micellar Water which I love love love.


The packaging off this product is really lovely, it is in a glass pot with a screw on lid and overall the design is very clean and fresh with a green lid. When you open the lid there is a cute stopper to stop the product leaking all over the lid which is handy and really works (the glow mask was rattling around my bag for a day to test this and it came out just as it went in so definitely travelproof) and the pretty pot would look great on a dressing table.


The Detox mask is a black mask which dries to a dark grey colour and has activated charcoal in it which acts like a magnet to draw out impurities, I don’t know technically how well this works but I do know that my skin looked and felt amazing after use. I found that after using I didn’t get as many break outs and I am trying so hard to keep up with this mask as I think it is perfect for what my skin needs. It is easy to apply and you don’t need a lot, the packaging says leave it on for 10 minutes if I remember correctly but i left it on a bit longer. I like to wipe mine off my face with a soft warm flannel and it leaves your skin super smooth. This product is a mix of three clays that are aimed to clarify your complexion, eliminate imperfections and absorb excess seabum which is perfect for what I need and doesn’t dry your skin out, halle fucking lujah!!!


The Glow mask is the same idea but this one is without the charcoal so it is a burnt orange colour and is an exfoliator so you put it on, leave it to do its business then at the end you can have a good old scrub with at and reveal your lovely fresh baby soft skin. For me this is the perfect partner but some people may not want to use these two together. I would say that, no matter what skin type you have you could pick up a mask in this range that will combat this.


Plus, they have lava clay in, how amusing is that ?


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