My Current Skincare Faves: Morning

I love skincare at the moment, my skin has been a mess and I am finalllllly getting round to sorting it out. I have been insanely lazy (anyone who knows me will know how stupidly lazy I am, its self confessed, I am a sloth) with skincare so I am really indulging in treating it. The products I am writing about today are products that are currently working for my skin and when used every day they are a godsend for clearing my skin up. I use these in the morning before leaving the house and I love them.


The first product I use is the Green People Gentle Face Cleanser which is so moisturizing but I like to use this with a warm wringed out flannel to give my face a bit of a scrub. I do use a exfoliator once a week but I can’t use it more than that because they dry out my skin so bad which is why my face wash being so moisturizing is a godsend!


Once I have dried my face off I use the micellar water to make sure all of the dirt is off my skin, especially if I wore make up and forgot to take it off the night before (don’t judge me, we all do it) along with the Eau Roma Toner water by lush which is a fabulous for soothing skin which is irritated and I am convinced it clears my blemishes, I can’t guarantee it but my blemishes don’t clear without it so whether it is a combination of both or this stuff is worth its weight in gold!!


I love this bit as my face feels squeaky clean but I have to moisturize at this point because my skin is just too dry (and simultaneously too greasy, bloody ridiculous) so I use Nip + Fab Dragons Blood Fix Serum, this stuff is insane and I have written a post about it before. It’s just so nourishing for your skin, straight after I put on my Green People Day Moisturiser which has been my go to now for well over a year, I cannot find anything that I like more than this product. It is perfect for all skin types, it doesn’t drown my skin but delivers just the right amount of moisture with the serum that I can’t go back to any other combo.


These products are my holy grail and make my skin 10x more manageable in the mornings so I don’t look like a zombie has just awoken, although if I have had a glass of wine or two the night before I tend to still look like a zombie, but they aren’t miracle workers so ill let them off.  I have left links of each product below along with pricing.



Green People Gentle Cleanse & Make Up Remover – £21.00 –


Garnier Micellar Water – £3.95 –


Lush Eau Roma Toner Water £8.50 –


Nip + Fab Dragons Blood Fix Serum – £19.95 –


Green People Day Solution Moisturiser – £16.00 –


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