Autumn/Winter Faves 

So I pretty much gave up on monthly favourites but my favourite products have a massive switch between seasons so as the nights are getting darker earlier (yay) I thought I would share with you five of my absolute must haves for autumn/winter in a quick post. I am a massive cuddler, I love to cosied up to Max feeling pampered during the colder months. I pretty much hibernate so that I return in spring rejuvenated (can’t say that always happens, usually I stumble into springtime bleary eyed and at least 10 punts heavier but hey, at least I try) so all of my favourites point towards this.


Hydrating products- I’m talking lip balms, hair masks, hydrating face masks, hand cream, body butters, the lot. I have extremely dry skin (think lizard like and you’ll know what I mean) so in winter my skin care routine has to go extreme or ill end up looking like that witch out of Stardust (if you haven’t seen stardust please go and watch it now, thank me later). For lip balms I love Burts Bees, all of them are beautiful. The one I have currently is ratty because I pulled the label off (oops) but it is still my favourite formula ever. I adore hair masks, particularly Lee Stafford and Herbal Essences masks as they work really well with my hair. I try to use hair masks regularly throughout the year but I have to apply them at least once a week during the colder months as the cold air and wind really affects my hair which sucks and finally a hydrating mask brand I love are Nip + Fab, the products are wonderful and all give great results. I would recommend giving any of these brands a try.


Blankets – Is it really winter if you don’t buy a new blanket ? I adoooooooore buying new blankets with different textures and patterns, a girl can never have too many blankets or bedding sets. My favourite places to pick up blankets are ASDA and Primark, both are so so cheap but so cosy and the perfect size. For better quality I would recommend Next as their range si usually large and very aesthetically pleasing.


Food- Ok, so this is a broad one but food is sooooooo important for two reasons. The first reason is that it’s cold season, so eating right (if you’re not eating right then take vitamins, I won’t judge you and its certainly not what I’ll be doing this year *insert sarcastic smile here as I reach for the multivitamins* but seriously, I am avoiding cold like the plague this year! The second reason (and the best) is because well, food really. Is there anything better than baking on a Sunday and sitting on the sofa watching a movie with the smell of fresh cookies lingering in the air ? The answer is no (unless you don’t like cookies in which case pick another sweet snack!). FYI, if you don’t enjoy baking Jus-Rol do a range of products you just shove in the oven and they are bloody beautiful. I personally cannot wait!


Berry tones on my fingers, toes, eyes, lips, everywhere really. The winter months may as well be called berry months in the make-up deep red, pinks and purples are wonderfully festive and look amazing. My favourite lipstick is MAC Diva and I have a wonderful OPI nail varnish in In A Holidaze which I am embracing completely at the moment.


Winter clothing is my favourite type of clothing. Winter coats, leather gloves, mittens, scarves, ankle boots, knee high boots, fluffy socks. Does it get better? When I am forced to venture out I wrap up warm in my favourite kind of clothing (it hides the winter pounds from all the food), it’s so soft and fluffy.


What are your Autumn/Winter faves ?

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