20 Things I Realised Before I Was 20

This isn’t going to be a massively profound post because, I am only 20 let’s face it but I know that there are many bloggers and blog readers that are younger than me who can hopefully take note of some points, a lot which are older who may remember the moments they learnt these things and some are my age, who are going through exactly the same as me and will be able to relate. First things first, I AM FUCKING 20 GUYS. No more teenage years, I have officially left school 4 years ago (scary shit) and I haven’t lived with my mum over a year and a half (also scary as fuck). On paper, I look like an adult, relationship, car, stable job but I swear, I eat chocolate for breakfast and still get scared when I’m home alone. I’m not ready to be an adult but these are some pretty adultish things that I have learnt.


1 – Stretch marks mean shit, like nothing at all, if you have them, if you don’t. No one cares. I used to be major self conscious about them but now I realize that they are completely normal and 100% beautiful too. They really are, I honestly think they tell a story, whether you have them through growth like me, whether you have grown a human (if so well done you) or whether it is just through yoyo dieting. It is all down to skin elasticity and who gives a fuck about that ?

 2 – Food is important, don’t get me wrong junk food is fucking great but if you eat that constantly you will feel ill. It’s like putting shitty petrol in your car, you’ll develop problems because we aren’t designed to run on shit. I’m all for chocolate for breakfast, just prepare to feel shit if you don’t follow it up with something of a bit of substance (don’t worry, I’m still learning how to do that bit and I can’t imagine being successful at this for a long time yet).

 3 – People leave and that’s ok. I mean it, it really is, as you get older you will grow and develop and some people won’t like your personality and you won’t like theirs, it doesn’t mean either of you are bitches, dickheads or whatever else. Just not compatible and this is ok (however, if they treated you badly then fuck that bitch, you didn’t need them anyway).

 4- People make mistakes, don’t be taken for a mug but be understanding of this. You will make mistakes too, it sounds cliché but it’s part of growing and learning who you are. This doesn’t give anyone a license to be a fucking idiot but if you make a mistake or anyone else does, be understanding of this and trust your gut (and your mum, always take not of your mums advice, don’t always follow it but take note, my mum is right more times I’d like to admit).

 5- Look after your vagina, I mean it. Whether this mean using the correct wash (things such as femfresh), making sure condoms are used in all sexual encounters (unless your in a stable relationship and your both tested blah blah blah), getting any abnormalitlies checked out and making sure you GO TO YOUR SMEAR TEST! It sounds like something your mum would say but it is so important! Love your vagina. 

 6- Look after your mental health. This one is of paramount importance, I will be the first to admit that before I started suffering from anxiety I was oblivious to the world of mental health and how it can really affect someone so I can imagine others are too (unless I’m just a dick). I would class myself as lucky because some days I can stick my middle finger up to it but that doesn’t mean that on other days I dont just want to hide and sob until I feel better and thats the bit I didn’t quite realise so look after your head, talk to people you trust about your problems and get help if needed. Take a day or two out and just look after number 1. 

 7- Don’t take anything for granted. I am guilty of this, I took my nice little bubble for granted and it came crashing down around me. Everything happens for a reason but I do sometimes miss everything I took for granted. 

8- The point above made me think of this one, EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON! It might feel shitty at the time but its all lessons learnt and you will see why eventually.

 9- Know your worth because you are irreplaceable. 


9- Driving is cool as fuck, if you dont drive then I reccomend you learn. This is my personal opinion but I love driving, I love the freedom and I cannot imagine life without it. Helps also when you need to run someone over (that is a joke, however it does help you to imagine it if you know what car you have).


10 – Treat yourself, you want that highlighter ? That bar of chocolate ? DO IT! Dont go overboard (well unless it is with highlighter in which case you really should! Apply that shit like theres no tomorrow then glow my glowy friends. 


11- Duvet days are amazing, neccessary and amazing. Sometimes you need a break and thats ok, so put on your oldest ugliest comfiest pyjamas and watch all the shit on tv that you can fit into one sitting. A whole series of PLL in a day ? I believe in you. 


12- Weight isn’t important, if your happy with how you look then fuck the number, I recently lost a stone and now I miss my thighs, I am so sad about it which i never thought i would be but I just prefer to be bigger and thats ok. 


13 – The easy way out is usually the shittest, basically go with what you want to do, not the easy way out and you wont regret it. I mean, you might but your less likely too. I believe in you, go reach for the stars.


14- Mental Health issues are real, I touched on this briefly before but mental health is a real thing and so many people insanely think that its all in someones head (I mean it is technically but you know what I mean) and that is not ok. Remember that it is just the same as getting a throat infection, your brain gets poorly too but with very different symptoms. 

 15 – So we have five points left and here are the lighter ones. Red wine is amazing. 

16- Movies where the dog dies are a certain tear jerker.

17- Don’t watch horror movies at the cinema, you may have to walk out after 20 minutes and sleep with the light on that night.

18- Gadgets get boring, yes iPad that sat down the back of my bed for 6 months, I am talking about you.

19- It’s ok to be obsessed with a TV show.

20 – Lastly, as daunting as it has been, 20 isnt really that old. Ive got 3 more sets of 20 years before I’m 80 and I’m ok with that.

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