Who am I ? 

I got a bit worried when thinking about the title of this post as essentially I suppose I should let you know who I am, but I needed a title that didn’t sound like I was, well I don’t know. So anyway, as any 20 year old I know would, I ‘googled’ it and found that this felt less ‘all about me’ even though I suppose this post is supposed to be. This is not a post that goes into the depths of my life, just a little introduction to my love for makeup, skin care, hair care & everything luxurious including good food & good wine. I adore buying new things and trying new recipes so as much as this is about cosmetics I may not be able to hold myself back from talking about food because I am a massive foodie. I have always loved the idea of a blog after all it’s a reason to buy more and I get to talk about it to people who actually want to listen (yay) however it was my boyfriend who persuaded me to actually do it along with his web and photography expertise. I am not an absolute technophobe however I have to admit I am still unsure of my way round our MacBook even if it’s a year old (oops).

So overall, I’m a 20 year old cosmetics and food addict from the UK, with a slight touch of technophobia. I adore animals (apart from goats, strange phobia) and I currently cannot stop eating. I won’t be doing any videos on YouTube or anything as it’s not really my thing (and I cannot stand my own voice on recordings), at least not any time soon. That’s about it really, please enjoy and please talk to me about bloody anything, it will make me the happiest female alive.

To contact me please email courtneyvlott@yahoo.co.uk or leave a comment and I will get back to you.

You can follow me on Twitter @courtdoescosmet, Instagram @courtvlott or you can find me on Facebook as Courtney Lott.

Below is a photo of me and my crazy boyfriend.

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