The best/worst hand cream & a life update 

Soooooo, it’s been a while since I sat down to do this. A lot has been going on so I apologise for being so absent. I have moved twice since my last post so it’s been hectic to say the least. I’ve moved into a place where I am finally settling in and hopefully by the end of the week everything will be packed away in its own place (fingers crossed because the endless boxes are making me want to drown my sorrows in a bottle or two of Merlot every night) and I’ll be able to blog wayyyyyy more. 

The subject of today’s post is a product I completely forgot I had. I will just start by saying I have THE driest hands ever, honestly looking at my hands you’d think I had never heard of moisturizer (thanks mum) but I just cannot seem to keep them hydrated. I cannot remember how or where I got this product but I lost my other moisturizer a couple of months ago and have only just remembered to pop another one in my handbag and I grabbed this one because it was nearest. When I grabbed this out of my bag this morning I really wanted to like it, the packaging felt and looked wonderful.


The product in question is Benecos Apricot & Elderflower Hand Cream and I really wanted to love it and still do but I just cannot force this. The smell of this hand cream is to die for, it smells like apricot yoghurt and I love it. The product is vegan which I am not but it is always a bonus when purchasing a product because although it may seem slightly ignorant and correct me if I’m wrong but I do feel more reassured when a product says vegan, organic or all natural ingredients, I don’t know why. So the experience up until here was 5 stars, it continued to be 5 stars whilst I rubbed the product in aswell but as soon as the product had been rubbed in it was too dry. Initially I did think it was down to the fact that my hands were dryer than the Sahara but throughout the course of the day I have applied it 7 times and it’s still not working. I would say this product is ideal for people who don’t need industrial strength moisture but it just wasn’t for me sadly. Although me and my dry hands would love a great hand cream recommendation ??


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