31 Thoughts when I sit down to blog. 

Blogging is hard work. It’s superbly awarding but equally tiring especially when you are juggling a life, blogging and a full time job. I have only been doing this for four months and already I have hit a block, I have so many ideas written down, so many half written posts but when I sit down to blog I seem to hit a wall of only being able to think about other things so I thought I would share these thoughts with you.1. Where is my laptop charger ?

2. I’m losing power seriously where is the charger ?

3. Found the charger! Why didn’t I think to check where it always is ?

4. I have only written 10 words and already I’m already hungry, I wonder what there is to eat in the house.

5. I will not walk down the stairs for food, I only ate lunch an hour ago.

6. But I could go to Mcdonald’s, or KFC ? I do like chicken.

7. No Courtney. Concentrate on this post.

8. Ooh look, someone liked a post. I’ll just have a look and see who that is.

9. This is such a good blog, why can’t I write this well ?

10. Let’s just leave a couple of comments, everyone loves good feedback.

11. Ok, now I’m really motivated to write an engaging post about cosmetics.

12. But I am hungry, I can’t write when I’m hungry. Where are my car keys ?

13. Ok so back to blogging, I am now satisfied and ready to write.

14. Ok, 200 words down. I need photographs, ill email Max and ask him for them. I wonder how he is. In fact, ill ring him.

15. Twenty minutes later and I REALLY need to blog.

16. Why are my stats so bad ? I know I shouldn’t be bothered or compare to other people but I can’t help it.

17. Listen to Ruby Wax Courtney, just relax and stop stressing. Stop caring about your stats.

18. How does anyone do this blogging thing when they have kids ?

19. How does anyone do anything when they have kids ?

20. I can barely look after my car, let alone a human.

21. I can’t even remember the last time I checked my oil on my car.

22. I should probably check that, I’ll write that down on my to do list.

23. Ew, I also need to write get nails done on my to do list. They are disgusting.

24. Oh my, look at my to do list, this is going to take me forever.

25. I should really be doing this rather than blogging.

26. But I haven’t sat down and written for so long.

27. God I need to sort out my layout. I really don’t like that.

28. Finally it’s done, but where should I put the photos.

29. Nope that looks wrong, lets try again.

30. Hm, better. Oh well. It could be worse.

31. When should I schedule it for ?


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