Q&A with Tayah

Are you getting bored of these yet ? Because I’m certainly not! I am really enjoying discovering peoples little beauty gems and other finds. Tayah is a fellow cosmetic enthusiast that should really start writing about this herself because she knows so many beauty gems, I am sure that everyone would read it as I certainly would.

What are 3 things you would take to a desert island?

I think if I had to choose three things to take to a desert island, for personal care probably deodarant, either a Mitchum Roll on because they are the soft and moisturising and sometimes sprays can get irritating. The second thing would be my Burt’s Bee’s lip balm and thirdly would probably be my Simple light moisturizer.

What is your favourite cleaning product?

I honestly have never really thought about this, but probably like a anti bacterial spray? Just gets rid of most germs and leaves everything all clean and fresh smelling. I also LOVE Shake’n’Vac, it’s great to freshen up any room!

Alcoholic Beverage?



Brighton, I find Brighton so so beautiful, I would love to live there. Just the whole seaside atmosphere is very calming to me, being able to walk along the beach and go for jogs in the morning would be so cleansing.

What is your favourite high end brand and high end product?

Personally, the hype for MAC isnt something that I have ever really followed. Some products are lovely like the concealers and the FixPlus sprays, but I absolutley LOVE Urban Decay I just have a total thing for them as they have recently placed a UD counter in Debenhams where I live and its great haha!

My favourite high end product is probably HOOLA by Benefit, its something that was first introduced to me by them when I first started wearing make up, probably also their Brow Zings eyebrow powder/wax.

Whats your favourite High Street Brand and product?

My fave high street brand is Bourjois because most of their products are very light and illuminating but buildable, I like that in make up, only rarely will I buy something high coverage for blemish or spots. I’m just not someone whos ever needed much make up, as I have freckles it looks odd wearing something so high coverage.

My favourite high street product would be Collection’s Lasting Perfection Concealer. It is so creamy and it covers so well, especially dark circles under the eye!

What is your favourite quote?

“Dont worry your pretty little mind, people only throw rocks at things that shine.”

What is a make up trend that you dont understand?

The whole contour tape thing, confuses me so much. Maybe its just me though haha! I couldn’t imagine doing that as part of my make up routine.

What is your favourite skin care product?

My Liz Earle Hot Cloth Polish and my Santuary Spa beauty sleep face mask. My skin is very oily and using these twice every week has been helping control my skins habits.

Do you read blogs and have you ever considered starting your own?

Yes, I always read Courtney’s! Its so funny and down to earth and it’s lovely to read 🙂 and I do read a few beauty Youtuber’s blogs and weekly videos, such as Zoella, Nikkie Tutorials, Manny MUA, which are always a treat whilst having a bath!

Do you read blogs ? Have you ever considered starting your own ? Why/why not ?

Yes I would start my own, just think I need to be more involved in buying products and not worrying about whether or not they’re going to be worth it or not.

If you plan a pamper night what does it include?

HUGE bath, face mask, hair mask, hot chocolate, a romantic comedy and my duvet! (really disappointed that wine isn’t in this list…)

What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

I brush my teeth, because i just cannot do anything without doing it first and I probably do this twice every morning and once at night!

You can find Tayah on Instagram @_taygabriellex.

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