10 Things I Love and Hate about Driving 

I have been driving for 2 years today so I figured I should write a post about it and in all honesty, I wanted to share with you the things I both love and hate about driving simultaneously.

  1. The ability to actually drive – I love being able to drive, I really do. I love being able to get into my little Evie (My car is called Evie) and drive to a friends (McDonalds is a more likely destination if I’m honest) but as a lot of my friends don’t drive that means when we go shopping I have to drive which is so much effort when all I want to do is curl up, rest my eyes and console myself about the blow to my bank balance. Instead its me driving and trying to find the way home (and my sense of direction is non existent).
  2. Putting petrol in – I love having a full tank, I hate having to get out of the car to fill my car up. I hate waiting for it to tick and say that my tank is full. I hate standing in the wind or rain next to my car wondering why I can’t hire someone to do this job for me. It is just so annoying and I don’t even know why. It has always been an annoyance for me and I realize I may sound like a bit of an idiot as I know its not that big of a thing but its something I really dislike doing. BUT, I like to have a full tank, do you see my dilemma ?
  3. Paying for it – Don’t get me wrong, I know I have to pay my way in this world and I like doing that, I don’t like people paying for me and I adore being able to pay my own bills but really ? Paying £65 for insurance, £140 for my loan and over £100 a month for petrol all adds up.
  4. Having to keep it clean – I love taking my car to be cleaned. I love clearing it our and discovering that lipstick I left in there 3 months ago that I was sure I gave to my boyfriend to put in his pocket, but I just don’t have the time to sit and wait for it to be done. How do people do it ?? I would love to know.
  5. The responsibility – I know I’m an adult but I really do not feel like it. I love that the examiner trusted me to be a good driver and let me loose with a license but sometimes, when I am driving with my sister in the car or my boyfriend it hits me that I control what happens whilst they are in my car and that is so scary. What if I make a mistake ?

I haven’t crashed yet (fingers crossed) and I love driving. Happy 2 years driving to me!

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