Naked Palette


I recieved this product for Valentine’s Day this year and I have been gagging to get a post written about it. This is the original Naked Palette that atarted the craze. So many people love the Naked palettes and there is now 4 in the larger range of 12 shadows and countless other products including face and lip products.

Everyone knows about these palettes and if you don’t, where have you been ? This palette achieved cult status overnight and if you own one, you know why. If you don’t own this palette I strongly advise that you purchase it.

It has 12 shades which includes mattes, shimmers and full on glitters. The colours ranging from Virgin which is a pink tinted champagne colour to Gunmetal, which is, well Gunmetal grey. It is £38 for 12 1.3g pots but they last forever due to the fact they are SUPER pigmented and go on like a dream. I really don’t know any eyeshadows that could rival the Urban Decay ones and this range of nudes is my current favourite. With there being 12 shades it is easy to find a new combination when you get bored.


The packaging isn’t as sturdy as the three that came after it and maybe they evolved for a reason but the Naked palette has a lovely velvety case, although it doesn’t clip shut which may come to a disappointment to some although I haven’t had any issues with it. It comes with a double ended brush which has one end for application and a fluffier end for blending. The brush is superb quality and washes well which is a plus.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this product.

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