Pink Parcel Delivery February

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I love Pink Parcel, everyone knows this. So when my delivery email was sent to me when I was sick it really brightened up my day but in all honesty I wasn’t even considering the blog I had planned to write so I threw out all of the packaging and packed everything I had received away. It’s only now I have looked at my blog plan that I remembered that I wanted to take photos so instead I am just going to write about the products that stood out for me.

The first product I noticed when I opened the box is the eye mask. It is lavender scented and I adore that! I find eye masks so useful and I am really getting into bold natural scents such as rose and lavender so this product really couldn’t get better for me. i then noticed the Lola’s Apothecary Sweet Lullaby Soothing Massage and Body Oil and I practically jumped for joy. This product has a practical rollerball end which is great for application and the scent is oh so amazing and I was ever so excited to learn that this can be used as a massage oil, a cleanser and best of all on stretch marks of which I have in abundance. This product is £36.00 for 100ml and I honestly believe it is worth every penny.

With every Pink Parcel this month subscribers have received a small photo frame, the one I received is a blueish shade and I really like it, the size is perfect for a small photo so I have popped a small photo in it of Max as a child and hung it on my dressing table and as sad as it sounds, looking at it brightens my day. The last product I received that stood out for me was the SASS Intimate Soothe & Smooth Shave Gel, I usually use baby oil for shaving as I find the razor glides well when using it so I was very intrigued to try this because I tend to steer clear of shaving find because they are so so drying. I am pleased to say that this is completely different. It isn’t drying and feels just as good as baby oil so I cannot wait to use this again.

The products I haven’t mentioned are an Aussie Conditioner which I like but didn’t find amazing because it is found in most supermarkets and I have tried it before, the Fab Little Bags that I mentioned in my last post which you can see here, the Lola’s Apothecary Tea  Bag but I sadly don’t like tea and the Merumaya Sample that I haven’t tried yet. If you aren’t a Pink Parcel customer I would 100% recommend for you to go check them out here  at Pink Parcel

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