Micellar Water


I doubt there is anyone that is even remotely interested in makeup that hasn’t heard of micellar water, if you haven’t, where have you been ? Micellar water is a bit of a problematic issue because on the container of pretty much every micellar water on the market the description is misleading slightly and can cause the misconception that this is a face wash in a bottle and the this is absolutely not the case. Using micellar water will never ever be as good as washing your face. This product is amazing, works really well and certainly makes my skin feel clean but can’t take the place or a good face cleanser and warm water however it can be used in the situations where you cannot access water ie you have consumed one too many alcoholic beverages and cannot stand up to wash your face without the strong possibility that your head will end up bouncing off the sink (wine is evil) so this is a good option for these kind of times.

I have tried three micellar waters and have settled on the Garnier one that everyone loves as pictured. It is great value, comes in a large bottle & works as well as a high end micellar water. I paid between £3 – £4 for this 400ml bottle which i thought was great although i think it was on offer at the time. It can be picked up from pretty much anywhere due to its current popularity.

I have also tried the L’Oreal Micellar Water but in all honesty that wasn’t very good at all in my opinion, so much so that it took me quite a while to use it. It didn’t really appeal to me from then on and I only thought about the world of micellar waters again when I received a small travel sized bottle at christmas in a Caudal gift set and I fell in love. It was a great product and i love the handy bottle which would be great to pop in your bag on a long car journey but i figured i should branch out further and get a micellar water that was more affordable which lead me to Garner Micellar Water.

Do you have a favourite micellar water ? I would love to know about there brands and how good they are.

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