Pink Parcel Unboxing

I love subscription boxes but I have found them so hit and miss, I am in love with the idea of Pink Parcel and I have been subscribed for roughly a year now. The idea behind this subscription box is a subscription box that gets delivered to your door with your monthly supply of sanitary products, they offer a wide range of tampons and sanitary towels to pick from. I have chosen the Always Infinity pads and I recieve 14 day pads, 5 night pads and a discreet black bag with 6 panty liners and 4 pads which is designed to be popped in your bag.

The service is designed to cheer you up when your at your most miserable (I am a crazy lady when it comes to my week before) and it really works. The service always includes something sweet such as sweets or chocolate, a teabag and a intimate care product from the SASS range. This months box contents are listed below.

Twenty First Century Herbs Skin Balm – This skin balm is designed and produced by experienced herbalists to combat skin conditions which can flare up around the time of your period due to hormone changes. It has a fabulous lavender scent which I adore. It is designed to target spots and breakouts, combat oily skin and can even sooth shaven legs. It contains vitamin E  and is 100% natural. This has a fabulous texture but I haven’t used it many times so I can’t confirm how effective it is.

KissStick Cosmetics Lipstick in Caressing Red – The shade of this lipstick is beautiful. It is not very long wearing and is very shiny, it’s not greatly pigmented so i probably wouldn’t repurchase this at £7.oo however I probably would if it was priced at around the £4.00 mark.

Jealous Sweets in Fruitilicious – I have eaten these sweets and in all honesty, they were strange. I think that is the only word I can use to describe them, strange and interesting. So interesting I ate them all but here we are, three days later and I am still unsure of whether I like them or not. They have extra vitamin C which is an added bonus but I don’t think I would buy them if I had the chance.

The London Tea Club Vanilla & Almond – I hate tea, I really want to like it but its so, awful. I love the design of the packaging, it’s cute and so interesting but, its tea. It is likely to go in the cupboard to offer people when they visit.

Pip & Nut Coconut Almond Butter – Another product i don’t like :(. I have passed this over to my boyfriend who loves nut butters and tries to follow a high protein diet (when i’m not luring him into eating my homemade dishes) so this is ideal for him.

Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Lovely Notepad – Love, love love these notepad. I decided that they are so cute and loved the slogans so decided that this would be the theme of each one. I am currently writing all of my healthy recipe ideas in the Be Healthy pad and will fill the others out as I go along. These notepad are so small they could go in anyones handbag.

Fablittlebag – I don’t often use tampons unless I really have to but I do keep a stash just in case. The idea behind these bags is to allow you to have an alternative to flushing. I can see that these are for tampons but I want to know if they would be sufficient for a pad also so I plan to try this when I am next in that situation. They disguise odours, are environmentally friendly and they are so discreet no one would ever know. The packet is so lightweight and pretty. I am in love with this idea and have received a pack of these from Pink Parcel for the last two months so I am hoping they are something we will receive every month.

Vichy Normaderm Beautify Blemish Care – I love this cream and I am debating buying the full size product when I run out of day creams. Vichy seems to be a brand which is

SASS Refreshing Wipes – The SASS brand is a collection of intimate products which are ideal for ‘that time of the month’ to keep you feeling fresh. The Pink Parcel team include a   SASS product every month and these vary so you end up with quite a handy collection.

Bellapierre Shimmer Powder in Snowflake – This product is a lovely shimmery white shade which I cannot wait to try out not only as an eyeshadow but as a highlighter also as I think it would be the perfect shade.


Along with the above products the Pink Parcel team send a load of vouchers and leaflets, this month I received a £5 voucher for twentyfirstcentury herbs, a voucher code for one free card from Clever Cards, a £2.50 voucher for the Vichy Beautifying Anti-Blemish Care, a leaflet that informs me that Kiss Cosmetics will soon be named Saturated Colour, two Pact Coffee vouchers to receive a bag of coffee worth £6.95 for just £1 ( bargain! I’ll be handing these to the coffee lovers I know) and finally my favourite leaflet which is a boobydoo voucher for 10% off my first order and on the reverse is a wonderful guide to how a sports bra should fit.

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